The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Monday, January 22, 1912
Soccer Football

The players of the Bethlehem Soccer Club, on Saturday, had a good practice on Lehigh field with the students of the college who have taken up the game. The students that took part in the game made a very good showing for the first time. The following Bethlehem players helped the students understand the game: Leopard, Galbraith, Paterson, Kelly, Garvey, Lewis Brothers, Larlow, with Mr. Nicholson as referee. The students were very well pleased with the Bethlehem players showing them the different points of the game. They have invited the Bethlehem soccer eleven over next Saturday, if the weather is good. There will be a good practice on Lehigh Field. The Bethlehem eleven will be mixed up with the Lehigh eleven giving one with six Bethlehem players and five Lehigh and the other six Lehigh players and five Bethlehem players, so that will give the students a good chance to learn the soccer game. Bethlehem Club has Haverford College soccer on Feb. 19 on Lehigh field and hope to get a good crowd that day.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club