The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Monday, January 22, 1917
With Six Regulars Missing the Steel Workers are Held to a Scoreless Tie

In the benefit game for the Eastern Pennsylvania and District Football Association here Saturday the champion Bethlehem Steel team was held to a scoreless tie by the pick of the Blue Mountain league. Six of the champions did not play, however, being saved for next week's third round American Cup game with all-stars of Newark.

Gilmore, of Bethlehem East End, played a sensational game at goal for the Blue Mountain boys, his work alone saving the team from defeat. Once he threw himself prone on the ground as a liner came his way and with his head butted the ball out of danger.

Paterson suffered a dislocated shoulder. The Steel champions have been drawn to meet West Hudsons at Harrison, N. J., in the third round of the National Cup series.


Bethlehem -- Positions -- Blue Mountain
Wright -- G -- Gilmore
Wilson -- R. F. B. -- Whitson
Spalding -- L. F. B. -- Valance
Murray -- R. H. B. -- Patterson
Fletcher -- C. H. B. -- Kerr
Kirkpatrick -- L. H. B. -- Matthews
McDonald -- O. R. -- Burnett
Lewis -- I. R. -- Graham
Bland -- C. F. -- Lance
Forrest -- I. R. -- Cullen
Chadwick -- O. L. -- Garvey
Score, Bethlehem 0, Blue Mountain 0. Linesmen, Ferguson and Caig. Referee, H. A. Wilson. 45 minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club