The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, January 22, 1926
Injuries to Players Have Weakened Team, and Easy Opponents Are Welcomed

Bethlehem Steel soccer fans are jubilant over the result of the draw for the second round in the National Challenge Cup competition and feel confident that the Steelmen will also survive their next battle and advance another peg toward the coveted trophy.

In both rounds Bethlehem has been more or less fortunate in escaping competition with the more formidable clubs and experienced little trouble in eliminating Newark F. C. in the opening round. However, the brief respite was welcomed, for quite a few of the Steel Workers, injured in the grueling campaigning, were just about on the mend and are again ready to take their places in the lineup.

In the second round, the Steelmen have been drawn to meet either Philadelphia or Trenton, the opponent to be the one surviving the replay of the first round match which will take place this weekend. The game will be played on the grounds of the successful club on February 6. The draw affecting the other American Soccer League clubs for the second round and just made public with the games to be played on the grounds of the club first mentioned follows:

New Bedford vs. J & P Coats
Boston vs. Fall River
Brooklyn or Indiana Flooring vs. New York Giants

Brooklyn and Indiana Flooring have a replay in the first round to decide this weekend and the winner will be the opponent of the New York Giants in the second round.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club