The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
January 23, 1928
Steel Soccer Eleven Remains in H. E. Lewis Cup Competition
Have Advantage of One Point in Dividing Cup Games Over Weekend

Winning 3 to 1 against the New York Nationals here on Saturday afternoon, the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club in spite of the 1 to 0 reverse experienced at the hands of the New York Nationals on the Polo Grounds on Sunday afternoon, advance to the second round in the American Soccer League cup competition. With the winner decided on the high goal scored total, the Steelmen concluded the home and home games, one up on their rivals.

Win Here Saturday

If unable to decide the issue in the regular ninety minutes of play, extra time is proved in cup tie games and it was extra time the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club was carried into to take the first of the two games series in the opening round of the American Soccer League cup competition to defeat the New York Nationals on the home grounds on Saturday afternoon by the score of 3 to 1. The wining goals were scored one each in the two added session of fifteen minutes.

The terrific gale sweeping across the field proved a decided handicap to both teams and probably more so to the usual style of the Bethlehem team. Ball control was practically impossible and judgment on passes quite weird at times. However, both teams fought hard from start to final whistle and the goals that were notched were of the unsavable variety.

A sensational save by Matthew Wilson on a terrific drive from Goldie ten minutes from the end of the regular ninety minutes of play forced the game into extra periods.

Wilson, the Giants substitute goalie, played the position for the first time in his career and played it well inasmuch as his regular assignment is at one of t he berths on the halfback line. He was pressed into service in the first half when Tommy McMinn one of the stranded crew of All-Irish dribblers who formerly played with the Phillies, met with serious injuries. In a headlong drive after leaving his goal to handle a shot from Jaap, McMinn took the boot of the speedy Bethlehem outside right in his side. He was given medical attention at the club house and then removed to St. Luke's hospital in the ambulance where an x-ray was taken to determine whether or not any ribs were broken.

Malcolm Goldie, Bethlehem's outside left, played one of the best games of his career. Goldie seemed at the height of form and tossing caution to the wind played a hard and aggressive game. It was the diminutive and veteran outside left who counted two of Bethlehem's three goals while the other one was accounted for with a beautiful shot by the veteran Granger. Goldie narrowly missed deciding the issue in the regular time when Wilson made a headlong on a chance effort to deflect his stinging shot and succeeded in touching the ball with his hand and diverting its course over the cross bar.

N. Y. Pus Up Stiff Game

Although Bethlehem won, the Nationals were by no means entirely outclassed. In fact, Dave Edwards had quite a busy afternoon in goal and the Steelmen's regular custodian must have been in good form to save on many of the shots that were labeled for counters.

The visitors won the toss and elected to play with the sun and wind at their backs. The terrific gale sweeping down the field more than once carried the ball to the very goal mouth but determined defensive work on the part of the Bethlehem defense frustrated all but one effort to score. Instead of the defense lacking it seemed that the Bethlehem forwards were off color to goals.

Five minutes after the opening whistle the Steelmen opened the scoring. Gillespie followed through and his shot was blocked. The National back in trying to clear sent the sphere spinning in the direction of Goldie and the latter cutting in made no mistake with his terrific drive.

It was not long afterwards, however, that the Nationals equalized. In relieving the pressure, the Steelmen conceded a corner. On the shot placed well to the goal mouth Croft, Irish Internationalist, scored from scrimmage. There was no further scoring in the half.

Playing with the wind to the advantage of the home club the soccer rooters were confident that the Steelmen would hastily decide the issue and by a margin sufficient to assure advancing into the second round, regardless of the outcome of the game to be played in New York on Sunday. In this they were doomed to disappointment.

The Nationals, apparently satisfied with the one goal deadlock concentrated all its efforts on defensive play and massed ten men in the vicinity of the goal to frustrate the efforts of the Steelmen. Henderson, center forward, was the only player who did not mix up in the defensive tactics. This strategy worked to good advantage for at the final whistle there was no further scoring.

Shortly after the start of the extra time Bethlehem forced a corner and on Jaap's kick to the goal mouth Goldie scored from scrimmage. The second goal came on a terrific and accurate aimed drive by Granger. Gillespie had shot by his drive was cleared, the ball going to Granger who with deliberate aim from twenty-five yards out shot high and wide into the far corner of the net and well out of the reach of Wilson.

The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- N. Y. Nationals
Edwards -- G -- McMinn
H. Reid -- RFB -- Clarke
McMeekin -- LFB -- Warden
McDonald -- RHB -- Gallagher
Carnihan -- CHB -- Slavin
MacGregor -- LHB -- Martin
Jaap -- OR -- Walker
Granger -- IR -- Croft
Gillespie -- CF -- Henderson
Goldie -- OL -- McGhee
Rollo -- IL -- McKenchnie
Goals -- Goldie 2, Granger, Croft. Substitutions -- Wilson for McMinn. Referee -- James Walders, Philadelphia. Time of halves: 45 minutes.

Sunday Game

The inability of Captain MacGregor to convert a penalty kick and a flimsy off-side decision on a goal scored by Johnny Rollo proved costly to the Bethlehem Steel soccer team in the cup game played on the Polo Grounds, New York on Sunday afternoon in which the Steelmen, conquerors of the Nationals the day previous, lost the game by the score of 1 goal to 0.

More than two thousand fans turned out to see that contest and witnessed probably one of the roughest games participated in by the Steelmen this season . Plying the man instead of the ball was apparently the objective of the Nationals and these tactics were not without their toll for the casualties on the Bethlehem team were greatly increased before the end of the ninety minutes of play.

Rollo lost credit for his goal on a decision reversed by Referee Creighton. In the first half the Steelmen's general utility man who played inside left on Saturday and on Sunday wen to the inside berth on the other side of the line, broke through and from twenty yards out labeled a stinging drive for the net wit h the goal keeper and one of the backs under the cross bar.

When the ball lodged into the net the referee allowed the marker only to reverse his decision after consulting with the linesmen. On the penalty given MacGregor the official again seemed uncertain of his action and although it was a clear and open case of handling he again consulted the linesmen before making a decision.

Right from the kick-off the New Yorkers were very much on the job by forcing three corners in the first five minutes of play, but all were cleared.

The Nationals now got their second wind and soon had the Steelworkers on the defensive, the work of Henderson and Walker being brilliant. Time after time they swept through their rivals and goals looked certain. Bob Millar hit the upright and McKenna shot yards wide with only Edwards in front of him. Five minutes from half time Walker broke away on the firth and put over a grand center to Henderson. The big center cleverly tied the Steelworkers defense in knots and tapped the ball to McKenna, who headed it past Edwards into the net for the only goal of the game.

New York Nationals -- Bethlehem
Renzulli -- G -- Edward
W. Wilson -- RFB -- H. Reid
Warden -- LFB -- McMeekin
Gallagher -- RHB -- MacDonald
Slaven -- CHB -- MacGregor
Martyn -- LHB -- W. Reid
Walker -- OR -- Jaap
Croft -- IR -- Rollo
Henderson -- CF Gillespie
Millar -- IL -- Ballantyne
McKenna -- OL -- Goldie
Goals: McKenna, Nationals. Substitutions: Robertson for H. Reid. Referee: C. E. Creighton. Linesmen: C. Stott and W. Fraser. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club