The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, January 25, 1926
Steelmen Get a Jolt, 5 to 1, In Exhibition Game in Quaker City Sunday

The Bethlehem Steel soccer team received a rather unexpected jolt on Sunday afternoon, losing to Wolfenden Shore on the latter's field by the score of 5 goals to 1. Bethlehem played with a re-arranged lineup and minus several of the stars. Also the team took no chances, but in spite of this, the setback was quite unexpected.

On the other hand, Wolfenden Shore played as though possessed. The home eleven, despite the frozen condition of the ground, played with a spirit and dash that make it the aggressor all through the game. They never permitted Bethlehem much chance to develop combination play, resorting to a rush and kick game. The Quaker City players were always on the ball and the defensive strength of the halfbacks and fullbacks brilliantly reinforced by the excellent work of Harry Pearce in goal, was sufficient to frustrate the attack of the Bethlehems.

All of the five goals were the result of concerted efforts on the part of the winners. The first count, coming from the boot of Rooney, would have outwitted any goalkeeper, the victors' right halfback shooting from long range, with Carson and the Bethlehem backs almost in the goal mouth, thereby blocking what chance the Carson may have had in stopping the shot.

Deal's goal was also another splendid effort though Jackson and Rudolph had a hand in controlling the sphere before whipping to Deal, for the latter to give the Wolfenden Shore lads their second point, all of which happened within five minutes of the opening frame.

Then Bethlehem began to show their stuff -- at least their combination started to function with the result that after some hard pressing, Rooney, in trying to block the pressure, handled the ball and in consequence the usual kick from the twelve-yard was awarded Bethlehem.

Goldie took the kick and shot where Pearce could not reach the ball, making the score 2-1.

With the scoreboard reading 2-1, in favor of the homesters at the interval, the Wolfenden Shore followers were on good terms with themselves has the Cardington lads had the wind at their backs for the remainder of the game.

They made such use of this advantage that they gave their more experienced rivals just as much as they received, though the homesters proved more accurate when in a scoring position.

The third count came from the toe of Joe Jackson. It was such a clever bit of work on the part of the diminutive left winger that even the Bethlehem players seemed surprised when the ball landed safely in the net.

Then to make it a perfect day, inasmuch as the left wing was concerned, Sammy Rudolph scored his unusual goal from the penalty mark, the foul being given against Berryman for handling the ball.

With the scoreboard reading 4-1 and only eight minutes remaining for the final whistle, naturally in Wolfenden Shore players were all steamed up. They steamed up to such an extent in the last few minutes that Mister Rudoph made it No. 2 to his name and the score, 5-1 with a shot that was labeled the moment it left his toe. The lineup:

Wolfenden Shore -- Bethlehem
Pearce -- G -- Carson
McLoughlin -- RFB -- Berryman
Parr -- LFB -- Allen
Rooney -- RHB -- McDonald
S. Flynn -- CHB -- Raeside
Carroll -- LHB -- Harris
Murphy -- OR -- Forrest
Deal -- IR -- Jaap
W. Flynn -- CF -- Purvis
Jackson -- IL -- Rollo
Rudolph -- OL -- Goldie
Score: Wolfenden Shore, 5; Bethlehem Steel, 1. Goals: Rooney, Goldie, Deal, Jackson, Rudolph 2. Referee: William Kendall. Linesmen: Smith and Ferguson. Time of halves: 40 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club