The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, January 26, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

No Excuse Whatever
"Quite humiliating at the least," is the opinion of one of a number of Bethlehem Steel admirers, who will accept no excuse for the miserable showing of the galaxy of dribbling stars sporting the blue and white of Bethlehem in losing to Wolfenden Shore by the score of 5 to 1. And after hearing these arguments one is convinced that they are quite right. "The least said about that game the better." And that's that. Coming to think of it more seriously, the setback was one of the most humiliating every experienced by any Bethlehem Steel team. Players were out of their positions and the lineup rearranged, it is known, but that is no excuse for the big league celebrities being mowed down by the lopsided score of 5 to 1. Instead of an alibi, it reflects great credit on the Wolfenden Shore players.

Caught Flat Footed and Cocky
The Steelmen were caught flat footed and cocky, in the opinion of many and awoke to the situation too late to reverse the results. The game was played on a smaller field -- 20 yards narrower and at least 15 yards shorter -- than the home stamping grounds of the Steel Workers. In spite of that, the players who sported the colors of the Bethlehem clan in that game, with their vast experience as big leaguers, should have adapted themselves to the conditions. That has frequently been the trouble of the Bethlehem clan, resorting too much to their pet game when by adopting a style to cope with conditions, it might have been more profitable to the club. Wolfenden Shore caught the Bethlehem clan flat footed.

Panning Well Merited
When criticism comes from parties associated with the club and who naturally by their affiliation cannot help but be partisan, it is well merited. And that happened to be the case in this instance. "No excuse whatever. Several of the players might as well have been home in bed for all the good they did the team," was the opinion of one of the club's associates. "I know the field was small. I also know the team appeared with a rearranged lineup, and I am quite aware that the players were doing their stuff under wraps as a precaution against injury on the hard frozen field, and in anticipating the hard game with Fall River this weekend. Throw that all into one lot and the come-back is a flimsy excuse for the drubbing the team received." However, it is perhaps well that the game got that one bad game out of their system. They will probably get down to more serious business and certainly they will have to if they expect to have any part in the game against the champions and league leading Fall River club here on Saturday.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club