The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, January 27, 1919
Are Now Semi-Finalists in American Challenge Cup Series -- Shipbuilders Eliminated

The Bethlehem F. C. entered as semi-finalists in the American Cup competition by defeating the Federal Shipbuilding A. A. of Kearney, N. J., on the latter field yesterday afternoon in the third round. The champions came through the winners after combating a stiff opposition, by the score of 2 to 0. The game from the opening whistle resolved itself into one of the hardest contests the champions were called upon to face this season and although they held the whip-end throughout the contest the shipbuilders crowded dangerously and frequently threatened to change the result.

The Bethlehem players, as well as the 2,000 fans who gathered to see the contest, were surprised when the Federal players had included in their lineup McCollough and McDonald, formerly of the Montreal team, at fullback, and Allan, formerly of Bridgeport, at outside left. The team was considered a strong contender without the service of these sterling players, but the effect of ushering them into the game unannounced instead of creating a scare inspired the players with a greater determination.

The narrow field on which the game was played was a decided disadvantage to the champions and at times they were unable to negotiate and the usual scientific play was marred with ragged work. The Bethlehem backs played a brilliant game and due to their efforts the champions were kept in the running for the American Football Association cup.

Bethlehem forged into the lead 18 minutes after play started, but failed to add another tally until late in the final period. Up to this time the game was undecided, the play shifting from one end of the field to the other with each team banging away at the goal. McKelvey had the honor of registering the first count when Easton broke away and crossed the ball over the field, which Snables, the Feds' goal keeper, knocked down. On the rebound, however, McKelvey, in a scrimmage in front of the goal, kicked the ball past the goal tender for a score.

Bethlehem won the toss and were first to attack. But the Feds defense was equal to the occasion and the home forward line bore down on Duncan. Wilson struck the rush and Bethlehem again attacked, and Easton shot over the bar. A foul against Kirkpatrick held the Feds, but Wilson cleared and Bethlehem broke away, but Easton was called up for offside. A rush by the Feds left wing was foiled by Fletcher and again the Steel Workers were dangerous, and Easton hit the bar with a terrific drive. In the next minute, Snables was forced to save from Fleming. A foul against Miller ended the Bethlehem attack, but they soon returned and in the scrimmage in front of goal McKelvey opened the scoring for Bethlehem after the goal keeper had saved from Easton. The goal was a direct result of a beautiful pass from Fleming. This success had a steadying effect on Bethlehem, but, nevertheless, the home team was still in a fighting mood and repeatedly attacked the Bethlehem defense. Wilson and Fletcher were in good form and covered one another in great style with the result that the Feds were seldom dangerous. At half time found Bethlehem attacking vigorously. Score 1 to 0.

The Feds attacked immediately after the re-start, but Fletcher cleared and Easton broke away, but his shot went high over the bar. It was easily seen that only a favorable break in the game would give the Feds this opportunity, as for the greater part of the second half they were hemmed in on their own goal and only poor work of the inside men of the Bethlehem forward line prevented the score from being increased any minute, as brilliant crosses from McKelvey and Fleming were repeatedly going for naught. With about five more minutes to go, Pepper got possession and placed to Millar and the latter made a clever pass to Fleming, who was in great form during the w hole game, and the latter beat the right fullback and sent a brilliant shot into the far corner of the net beyond the reach of Snables, who did not have one chance in a thousand of stopping the ball. The closing minutes of the game saw a desperate effort on the part of the Feds to at least break into the scoring column, but nothing came of their efforts and the final whistle found Easton in possession of the ball and in a position to shoot in the Feds' penalty area. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Federals
Duncan -- G -- Snables
Fletcher -- RFB -- McDonald
Wilson - -LFB -- McCollough
Pepper -- RHB -- Hedson
Kirkpatrick -- CHB -- Ingram
Graham -- LHB -- Forsythe
McKelvey -- OR -- Forfer
Forrest -- IR -- Aiken
Easton -- CF -- Fisher
Millar -- IL -- Stewart
Fleming -- OL -- Allan

Goals -- McKelvey, Fleming. Linesmen -- Morrison, Bethlehem, and York, Feds. Referee -- Cunningham, New York. 45-minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club