The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, January 28, 1919
Soccer Notes
Bethlehem Steel Soccer team will play Merchant Ship Team A in a National League game at Tacony on Saturday and if they are able to defeat the shipbuilders on their own ground they will have a comfortable lead in the race for the pennant. However, they will have to be at full strength to accomplish the task as Merchants are going strong and they are still smarting under the two defeats administered to them by the champions this season, in the National Cup and the National League at Bethlehem. This will be the first visit of the Steel Workers to the Philadelphia district and a record crowd is expected to witness the game. The Merchants were widely heralded as the one team likely to defeat the champions and although their disappointment has been keen they will make every effort on Saturday to avenge past failures.

There will be two or three changes in the Bethlehem Steel lineup on Saturday against Merchants. Campbell and Ferguson are expected to appear in their old positions and Butler and Ratican are also expected to be in condition to play.

Merchant Ship and Bethlehem Steel have both qualified for the semi-final of the American Cup. The other two semi-finalists have not been decided. The following teams play on February 2nd. Babcock & Wilcox vs. Robins Dry Dock F. C., and on February 9th Paterson F. C. vs. Morse Dry Dock F. C.

There are seven old Fall River Rover players in the Morse Dry Dock lineup and they are confident that they will be able to defeat Paterson and reach the semi-final.

The Steel Workers usually find they are able to wear their opponents down through superior condition but they will find Saturday's game an exception as the Shipbuilders train just as hard as Bethlehem. Any of the local players who are not in first class shape are likely to regret it before the game is over as Tacony field is one of the largest and most trying in the country.

Easton played hard Sunday, but it was easily seen that he is more at home when the going is heavy. Ratican was on hand, but he was given a rest at his own request, as he did not feel well enough physically to give his best.

Forrest and Millar were erratic and lacked the aggressiveness that has been the prominent feature of their play in future games, Forrest seemed to be more effective when partnering Fleming.

Wilson and Fleming were in great form for the Steel Workers and Pepper, the tireless, got in a lot of effective work.

A big section of the Newark fans liked to pan the Steel Workers, but before the final whistle they were ready to admit that the champions are still "there."

The champions expect to play the Merchant A team in the National League game next Saturday at Tacony in Philadelphia and expect the hardest game of the season from the shipbuilders. If the champions are victorious in this game they will have the commanding lead in the league race.

Kirkpatrick played a good game in the first half, but seemed to tire rapidly in the second period and was glad to kick the ball out of bounds when hard pressed. Billy takes on weight rapidly but some real hard training will bring him back to his old form.

A strange feature of the Bethlehem defenses is that they usual go through a greater part of the game in invincible style and then suddenly a misunderstanding develops that gives their adherents something like heart failure. A case of this kind happened Sunday in the first half when the fullbacks had a misunderstanding and Duncan wound up by kicking the ball against the attacking center forward and the Steel Workers were lucky that the ball went over the line for a corner.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club