The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, January 28, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Cup Ties
Field conditions forecast for the important cup tie games to be played on Sunday afternoon were anything but encouraging with snow falling steadily today. It is unfortunate that the second round games could not be played on a dry and fast pitch, conditions that are practically impossible for it is on such a ground that a club can do justice to its playing merit. Perhaps if the snow continues throughout the day and night many of the games will be postponed. There is a ruling that the club on which the game is played must clear the pitch of snow to make the contest possible. However, there is a time limit allotted and this would hardly be sufficient to make the game possible. That is in the event of a heavy snowfall.

Would Welcome a Postponement?
Perhaps some of the clubs would welcome a postponement of their second round cup game. Many of the managers are singing the blues because of injuries and among these are included the Brooklyn Wanderers and the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club. A respite over the weekend would serve to good advantage in brining the players back to their normal conditions.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club