The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 29, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Protesting Referees in Bethlehem's Games
That Bethlehem Steel F. C. is apparently the target of a good many clubs in the circuit and that victory is probable far more cherished over the Steel Workers than any other team, it is intimated by recent protests against the referees assigned to this city, and what is still more strange, the attitude of the league executives in conceding to the demands of the New York clubs in particular and making changes without allowing Bethlehem a voice in the matter. This dope does not come from the local management but direct from headquarters in New York and brings to light a protest made by Indiana Flooring for the cup game played here last Saturday. James Walders a sincere and conscientious official and a man who has refereed a raft of important games, was originally scheduled to come to Bethlehem to do the officiating. The league executives harkened to the complaint of Indiana Flooring, the latter charging the veteran Walders with being "incompetent" although under the surface an even more insinuating opinion was apparently entertained. Well, Walders did not referee the game but instead Danny Oates of Philadelphia, was the man sent out. It was Oates' third or fourth consecutive game officiated here and local fans had nothing to kick about. However, with Brooklyn scheduled for a league game here on Saturday, it is understood that the Brooklyn management has protested a Philadelphia referee to take charge of the game. That part is well and good in spite of the fact that the league executives certainly must have thought Oates "competent," otherwise he would not have been delegated to handle the important cup game in this city last Saturday. Even New York referees do not seem to be good enough for the New York teams. At least such seems to be the case for Norse is slated to come down from the Fall River district to handle the Brooklyn-Bethlehem game. One has no reason to believe that Norse would be partial in his decision but cannot conceive the idea of bringing an official all that distance to handle the game when there are plenty of other good referees in the combined New York, Philadelphia and New Jersey district.
Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club