The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 29, 1925
Brooklyn Eleven Has Upset the Dope Many Times this Season

While a good many other games will be played in the American Soccer League over the weekend, most interest will center in the outcome of the clash between the Bethlehem Steel F. C. and Brooklyn F. C. for the simple reason that the teams to compete have maintained one of the most sensational strides in the last several weeks. The visitors will come here determined to overthrow the Steel Workers in their commanding position as runners-up for the league trophy, while Bethlehem will make another determined effort to close the gap separating it from Fall River in the league standing.

The Steel Workers have been hanging right on to the champing Fall River team in the thrilling league race for the last two months, and are only three points behind in second place. And Bethlehem does not propose to have the Brooklyn F. C. knock them out of that strategic position by suffering a defeat at the toes of the visitors when they clash on the Steel field on Saturday afternoon.

The Steel men will be in the best possible shape to meet the Brooklyn men who have met but one defeat, and were held to a tie but once since the last week in November, when the Fleischer Yarn F. C. beat them, 4-2. This string of Brooklyn victories included successes over the Ben Millers and Scullin Steel elevens of the famous St. Louis Soccer League.

Brooklyn has been in a slump up to November, due to injuries principally, but when they emerged they traveled so fast as to be the sensation of the league and compiled a goal-scoring and victory record right on a par with that of the steelmakers who have been going some themselves.

Bethlehem leads the league in one respect, and that is an important one, too. The Steelmen have made more goals than any other club in the league, having tallied 80. Even the leading Fall River F. C. takes an inferior position in this respect, for Sam Mark's men have compiled only 75 in 29 games, while the Steel men have played one contest less. Bethlehem has a goal-scoring average of only fourteen points less than the champions, 708 to 722. That is caused by the fact that Bethlehem has allowed 33 goals to be scored against them, while the Massachusetts players have kept rivals' tallying down to 29. Brooklyn has played the same number of games as Bethlehem. Had they not suffered that severe slump in November, they might well be nearer Bethlehem than the six points which now separates them. But at that, Brooklyn has a goal scoring mark of 535, and is only one point out of third place.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club