The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 30, 1925
Soccer Players Patch is Practically Cleared for Game Saturday With Brooklyn

Blizzards apparently mean nothing to the management of the Bethlehem F. C., for, according to an announcement made at club headquarters the game with the Brooklyn F.C. will be played as scheduled on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon. Assurances that this will be possible were apparent late in the afternoon when only a small portion of the playing pitch remained yet to be cleared.

The Steel Workers are desirous of continuing in their league campaigning in which in recent weeks they have been highly successful. The game could well have been canceled and that at a large saving of expense. However it seems that players and management alike are inclined to be a bit superstitious and for that reason are extremely anxious to wage Saturday's battle.

In facing Brooklyn the Steel Workers will have anything but a set-up and a good, hard game can be expected. The Brooklyn Club will invade Bethlehem with one of the most dangerous clubs in the circuit, and having cleaned up all other rivals, will be determined to hand the Steel Workers a setback.

In addition to the celebrated "Jock" Marshall, right fullback, Brooklyn has a defensive player in Morris, the right halfback, who will bear watching. This is the first season for Morris with Brooklyn but since his acquisition he has proven a sensation. As a halfback, Morris is rated as second to none in the American League. He formerly played with Beith and Kilmarnock in Scotland.

The Steel Workers will go to the post with very few changes in the lineup over that of recent games. The most important and really the only one will be on the halfback line where "Bob" MacGregor will replace Robertson at left halfback for this game. The probable lineup of the teams is as follows:

Bethlehem Steel -- Brooklyn Wanderers
Carson -- G -- Smith
Young -- RFB -- Marshall
Ferguson -- LFB -- Robertson
MacDonald -- RHB -- Morris
Carnihan -- CHB -- Short
MacGregor -- LHB -- Caldewood
Forrest -- OR -- Hogg
Granger -- IR -- Manson
Stark -- CF -- Nelson
Rollo -- IL -- Curtis
Goldie -- OL -- Yule
Kickoff, 2:30 p.m.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club