The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
January 30, 1928
Soccer Fans Will Have Treat of Seeing Steelmen and Wanderers in Battle.

Bethlehem soccer fans will get a peep here next Saturday at a National Cup tie game in spite of the draw which call for the first two rounds to be played away from home. This was made possible when after two full hours of hostilities at Hawthorne Field, Brooklyn, on Sunday afternoon, Bethlehem Steel and the Wanderers playing the second round of the U. S. F. A. cup competition failed to reach a decision. Each side had scored a goal when the two regular periods of forty-five minutes each had been completed. Neither side scored in the extra time.

With the score 1 all and darkness rapidly falling, Referee Lambie called the game. More than three thousand fans witnessed the contest. Archie Stark, back in harness after a layoff of several weeks, opened the scoring in the first few minutes and the and the steelworkers held their lead until midway in the second period, when Jiada, the center forward newly acquired by Brooklyn, equalized and prevented defeat.

The Wanderers kept the game going at a fast clip and were at all times dangerous. Each side had a corner in the first half and Bethlehem had three to Brooklyn's two in the second. The two extra periods were entirely unproductive and by that time the twenty-two players showed signs of wearying after the long grind. There were occasional fouls, but the match as a whole was distinctly clean and fought to a finish on its merits.

Right after the starting whistle Bethlehem forced a corner on the left which was readily cleared by Brooklyn. Within three minutes Jiada, of Brooklyn, made a brilliant rundown the field and as McMillan miskicked Stark got possession and shot the goal for Bethlehem.

After their bad start the Wanderers settled down to work and for a time had the lion's share of the play. Curtis headed over the bar, after which Robertson worked his way through and also shot too high. Adair, receiving from Jiada, shot to one side. Granger fouled and on the free kick Brown sent the sphere sailing over the cross bar. Lyell, from Rosenberg's pass, tested Edwards in goal for Bethlehem and on the next play Lyell drove into the side of the net.

Goldie menaced the Brooklyn goal, but was blocked in time by Gross. As Lyell headed the ball, Captain Carnihan, of Bethlehem, conceded a corner on the right to Brooklyn. After two assaults the Wanderers lost the ball for a brief spell.

Adair gained a point of vantage directly in front of the Bethlehem cage, but his efforts were blocked. Next a foul was given against Adair for handling. Bethlehem worked the ball back and Stark, making a sharp turn, shot into Smith's outstretched arms. Gillespie fouled McMillan and another free kick for Brooklyn n was forthcoming. Lyell was going through beautifully when McGregor's foul spoiled his chance.

Granger took a free kick for Robertson's foul, the shot going low to Smith. Adair crossed to Rosenberg, who returned it. Adair's try was stopped by Edwards. Robertson kicked over after Granger had fouled him. Adair centered to Lyell and once more Edwards stood in the breach. Curtis essayed a lightening drive with which Lyell failed to connect. Just before half time, Stark went through for Bethlehem, but Gillespie was blocked by Morris.

Brooklyn played against the wind and sun in the second period, but shared the play with Bethlehem, nevertheless. At seventeen minutes, the Wanderers obtained a corner on the left and five minutes later, another on the right. Following up their advantage, they jammed into the Bethlehem goal mouth when Brown placed a free kick right after a foul by Stark, Edwards reached out for the ball, but was blocked by Curtis, whereupon Jiada tied the score twenty-four minutes from the restart.

The ex-champions thereupon staged a rally which taxed the defensive powers of the Wanderers to the utmost. First Stark headed over, the ball glancing off the top of the bar. Goldie got possession but was checkmated by Gross, a corner resulting on the left. The next moment Bethlehem had another on the opposite when Reid shot past. Keeping it up, Stark headed over. Curtis got in a close one from Robertson's free kick, given for a foul by McMeekin. A third corner for Bethlehem on the right gave Carnihan a chance but he went by. Stark was offside as Goldie crossed.

When McMillan miskicked Granger's efforts went too high. Again Goldie centered to Stark, but when the latter tried his luck, Smith saved by reaching far out and clutching the ball. Brown had still another chance for a free kick when Granger fouled Jiada. Adair crossed for Brooklyn and Curtis headed past.

With the wind freshening Bethlehem kicked off to start the first extra period. Honors were even for fifteen minutes., after which Brooklyn once more faced the wind, which by that time was stirring up a lot of dust. Midway Brooklyn sustained a corner on the left as McDonald kicked behind. With Edwards and McDonald in a heap on the edge of the snow back, the corner was cleared with difficulties. This was the nearest either side got to scoring. The lineup:

Wanderers -- Bethlehem
Smith -- G -- Edwards
Gross -- RFB -- McDonald
McMillan -- LFB -- McMeekin
Robertson 0-- RHB -- Reid
Brown -- CHB -- Carnihan
Morris -- LHB -- MacGregor
Rosenberg -- OR -- Gillespie
Lyell -- IR -- Jaap
Jiada -- CF -- Stark
Curtis -- IL -- Granger
Adair -- OL -- Goldie
Referee -- George Lambie. Linesmen: J. Hayes and W. Connachin. Goals -- Stark. Jiada. Time of halves -- 45 minutes and extra periods of 15 minutes.<

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club