The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, January 31, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Approve Cup Competition, But?
The attitude of the United States Football Association in regard to the American Soccer League Cup competition now underway and the proposed series of games between the cup champion and the winner of the St. Louis District is gleaned in the weekly news letter sent out by the National Commission and discloses that while early reports emanating from New York were to the effect that a harmonious reconciliation had been effected, the commission did not acquiesce to all concessions favoring the American Soccer League and that favorable approve of the series games is not yet sanctioned. However, it is also playing seen by the tone of the letter that while approving the cup competition is merely to create favorable sentiment in regards to the National Cup competition and that the National Association expects all American League Soccer clubs to again affiliate in the National Cup competition after this season. The letter, which follows, and which no doubt will be of interest to all soccer fans, is self explanatory:

"One of the most important decisions of the National Commission recently announced by the Secretary of the United States Football Association gave to the American Soccer League the privilege of conducting a cup competition among its own members. The decision was announced at a special meeting of the League held in New York City on January 22nd and carried with it certain qualifications. It does not recognize the right of the League to continue such a competition beyond the present season for it has long been the contention of most of the football authorities that the number of championships should be reduced rather than increased. It does not convey to the winners of the competition the right to engage in a series of games with the winner of the league championship in another city. The Commission has not been asked to pass upon the merits of a series of games proposed between the league champion in the west and a cup champion in the east; should such a series be proposed at a later date the National Commission will undertake the duty of determining whether approval shall be granted or withheld. In view of the fact that the clubs in the American Soccer League refrained from entering the National Challenge Cup Competition at a time when entries were being received, advancing as one of their reasons that the League schedule made imperative their course of action, it is significant that the clubs are now agreed that League schedules require the impetus that may be secured only by active participation in a cup competition.

"It may be written with certainty that from this season onward all leading clubs within the ranks of organized football will engage in the National Challenge Cup Competition."

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club