Bethlehem Globe
February 1, 1916

Big Game Scheduled for Sunday on Latter's Grounds.

The last time Bethlehem Steel played Jersey City was two years ago when these two teams met in the semi-final of the American Cup competition in Jersey City on March 4. This game was witnessed by over 5000 and was one of the most sensational games ever seen on the Jersey City grounds. The score at half time was two goals to none against Bethlehems, but the Bethlehems' boys came back strong in thesecond half and not only equalized the score but also came very near winning the game. The game ended in a tie of two goals each and was replayed at Bethlehems the following week. Bethlehems won by the close score of two goals to one after a very exciting game. Bethlehems later defeated Tacony in the final and that year, winning its first championship. Next Sunday's game will be a third round cup game, the winners entering the semi-final. It is sure to be a hard fight as both teams will be at full strength. A big crowd is expected to be on hand next Sunday as this will be Bethlehem Steel's first visit to the New Jersey district this season. Both teams are undergoing special training. Officials for this game will be appointed by the American F. A. Wednesday evening.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club