The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, February 1, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

To Have and to Hold
Bethlehem Steel "had" but couldn't "hold" and Fall River managed to share the points with the Steelmen in their final appearance on the local lot this season. The league leaders returned home triumphant, not in a manner as decisive as on their previous visit, but nevertheless with an even break. The count now stands two games in favor of the champions and one draw, with one more league game to be played at Fall River. With the points piled up over the weekend, Fall River has the flag practically stowed away for another season. Nothing but a complete collapse of the New England outfit would give the other clubs a look-in.

The Cup's the Only Balm
With Fall River strongly in the top position, the only remaining balm is the National Cup tie and in this quite a few of the league clubs have already been eliminated. Bethlehem Steel is still in the running and should be there strong after the next run, in which the locals meet the Phillies on the latter's field. Perhaps fate will so decree that the Steel Workers and Fall River will again meet in one of the final rounds of this affair. If so, no greater revenge for the league trouncings could be attained than to eliminate the American League champions for the cup honors. Boston did the trick last year.

Rollo Missed at Inside Position
Seldom does the Steel management make a mistake in the selection of the lineup, but it would seem that for Saturday's game the wisest choice wasn't made at the inside left position. Arthur Robertson was given preference over Johnny Rollo and usually effective as a forward, seemed to be lost in the Saturday going or could not get started. Rollo it is believed would have fit in better for his speed, elusiveness and aggressive playing, together with a thorough understanding, much of which appeared to be lacking on the forward line. Both inside positions seemed weak, Granger not playing his usual dashing game. Stark was handicapped by an injured knee and this was more than once in evidence when the ball was centered with no other forward anywhere near the goal.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club