The Globe -- Bethlehem
February 1, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Not a Dissenting Vote
Fullbacks have come and fullbacks have gone, but few of the imported players have exhibited better form than those two veterans of the old Bethlehem Steel regime -- "Jock" Ferguson and Sam Fletcher. Discussion on comparative merits frequent and the new school of soccer adherents will cast their vote with the present day fullbacks. But ask any of the old timers and the vote is unanimous in favor of the veterans. The present school of followers will argue that the competition of yesteryear could not be compared with the present day high powered teams. Probably not as a whole, but in spots, and in early days of soccer there were some pretty good clubs. As a comparison, Ferguson, a veteran who has long ago passed the pinnacle of his best form, and "Jock" will admit it, can fill in a breach at any time. And when he does his work is outstanding and thoroughly reliable. That in itself is a tribute to his ranking as one of the greatest fullbacks ever to trod an American pitch. The backs in big league soccer are good. Very good, indeed, and the fact that we place Ferguson at the top of all -- when he was in his prime -- is no means a reflection on the merit of the present day crop.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club