The Globe - South Bethlehem
Monday, February 2, 1914
BETHLEHEM, 4; W. H., 1
Local Soccer Team Trims Jerseyites In Fourth Game

Bethlehem F. C. by defeating the West Hudson Association football team, who played with ten men, by four goals to one, on Tacony baseball grounds, late Saturday afternoon earned the right to meet the Jersey A. C. in one of the semi-final games. As the other semi-final contest is to be between Tacony and Hibernians. The semi-final games are to be played on or before Sunday, March 15. The final is usually staged during the Eastertide season at Newark.

Bethlehems was first to score, some aggressive work being rewarded by Donaghy's goal after 15 minutes' play. After 42 minutes of actual play West Hudson equalized the point being due to a fine run by McHolland, who after dashing two-thirds the length of the field, crossed the ball and Lakely, standing slightly to the west of Bethlehems goal, easily drove the ball into the net. On the restart Bethlehems began to press and within five minutes Lance banged the ball into the net, but it bounded out as a result of striking against an upright, but the referee was alert and awarded the goal. Again four minutes later, as a result of a long punt by McKelvey, Bethlehems ran the ball to the mouth of the goal. Fleming scored. After 24 minutes' play Fleming, after receiving a pass put the ball on the edge of the net for a final point.

Because of the rainstorm it appeared for a time that the trip of the Bethlehems team and the West Hudsons, who came from Harrison, a town adjacent to Newark, would be fruitless. Referee Allen Montgomery of Newark inspected the grounds at about 2 o'clock and said "play ball." Bethlehems reached Tacony shortly before 2 o'clock and were on the field ready for preliminary practice at 2:30 when failure to find a ball and a heavy downpour of rain drove them to shelter. They had chartered a special train at Harrison, but owing to the rain they canceled it at the last moment and decided to come over by ordinary train. It was no easy matter to get their team together owing to the change in program and in consequence two of their players - Fullback Napier and Forward Knowles - were missing when they arrived in Philadelphia at 2:30 p.m. Referee Montgomery then announced that the game would begin at 3:30. Shortly before this time the rain stopped and the sun shone for a few minutes from a break in the clouds. But it was not until 3:46 that the game was called. In the meantime, the steel workers were loitering about awaiting the beginning of the game.

Bethlehems meanwhile had protested to the referee about the late arrival of their opponents and the official state that if they desired they could claim the game. This, however, they were reluctant to do and decided to play rather than claim it. During the interval Manager Murray of the West Hudsons handed Referee Montgomery a protest on account of the late start, which is rather amusing, seeing that the West Hudson caused it. The result of the game probably removes the consideration of the protest.

It was the fourth time the teams lined up in this match. The first game was played in Bethlehem Dec. 27, each side scoring a goal. According to the rules of the competition the game was replayed on the visiting team's grounds. On the first attempt play was stopped with the score tied at one goal, after the first half and a portion of the second half was played and as it was a unfinished game, the replay occurred in Harrison and for the third time each side scored one goal. The game Saturday was a neutral ground affair and in order that it might be played to a finish, was announced to start at 2:30.

Despite the rain and the delay, several hundred enthusiasts waited around for the game to begin. Included among the spectators were President Andrew Brown and Sec'y Andrew Beveridge of the American Football Association, Dr. Manning and Vice President Oliver Hemingway of the United States of America Football Association.

The ground, being underdrained, cleared rapidly of the water although the middle portion almost the entire length of the field was mud and retained some of the water. The north section of the field, especially in front of the goal was soft and muddy.

For the most part, the game was cleanly played. Outside Left Fleming was injured twice toward the end of the game in a scrimmage between fullback McKelvie of the Bethlehems and Monteith of the West Hudsons, the former kicked the latter and was put off the field, Bethlehems playing the last 18 minutes with ten men, the same as West Hudson.

The line-up:

Bethlehems - Position -- W. Hudsons
Scaife -- G. -- Carney
McKelvie -- R.F.B. -- Lawson
Peacock -- L.F.B. -- Cooper
Stewart -- R.H.B. -- McLean
Morrison -- C.H.B. -- Lennox
Lawler -- L.H.B. -- Ingram
Lewis -- O.R. -- McHolland
Lance -- I.R. -- Lakely
Donaghy -- C.F. -- Carter
Garvey -- I.L. -- --------
Fleming -- O.L. - Monteith
Score - Bethlehem, 4, West Hudsons 1. Half-time - Bethlehem 1, West Hudsons 1. Referee - A. Montgomery, Newark, N. J. Linesman - James Walder and R. Grove. Time of halves - 45 minutes. Goals for Bethlehems - Fleming 2, Lennox, Donaghy. Goal for West Hudsons -- Lakely.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club