The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, February 3, 1919
When the Soccer Whistle Blows

Willie Kirkpatrick, the brilliant keystone of the halfback line of the champion Bethlehem Steel Company soccer team, announced that he is no longer a member of the eleven which holds the National and American League cups. Billy was an interested spectator at the game at Harriman yesterday afternoon and again made known that he had several connections with the championship aggregation. Should he be final in his intention, it is hardly likely that Kirkpatrick will return to the game this season, pending the release offered him by the Bethlehem management.

The reason for Kirkpatrick's attitude is attributed to a violation of the training rules and although he informed the Bethlehem Steel management that he was through, it is believed that after considering his hasty action some amicable agreement will be arrived at and Kirkpatrick will again return to the fold of the champions.

His ability to participate with a championship aggregation is not in the least questioned by the local management and it was stated that his quitting the team cold was deeply regretted by the players.

It is understood that Kirkpatrick was guilty of violating the stringent training regulations laid down by the management and that he failed to condition himself properly during the training periods last week. When the management selected the team to face the Shipbuilders, Kirkpatrick's name was omitted in the lineup and for this reason he became angered and threatened that if he was not included on the trip, his services on the eleven were at an end. The management refused to grant him his wish and Billy left in a huff.

For some reason or other it is understood that several of the other players are also disregarding the training rules and unless they comply with this feature of the work, the management will omit their names in all games to follow, no matter how badly their services are needed to bring home the coveted honors in the three competitions in which the Steel Workers are entered.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club