The Globe -- Bethlehem
February 3, 1928
Arrives Unheralded From Scotland -- Says Brother Alex May Return Some Day

Walter Jackson is back in the fold of the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club. T he same Walter and brother of the famous Alex. Back in the season 1923-24 they starred as forwards here.

Walter returned unheralded and immediately after docking in New York hustled to Bethlehem, where he attached his signature to a Bethlehem Steel form.

The former Bethlehem player returns to the club he once starred and ready to don the harness and get into active service but unfortunately his arrival here was several weeks too late to be eligible for cup competition, but he can play in the league games.

Walter and Alex left Bethlehem in the summer of 1924 and immediately upon their arrival in Scotland affiliated with big league soccer. Both have been active in the game since with Alex starring as one of the foremost players in Europe, a player who is dubbed the "Flying Scotchman" and lauded for his speed and ball control, a combined gift few players possess.

"As crazy as ever and in the best health and condition" was brother Walter's reply to a query about the welfare of Alex, supplementing these remarks by intimating that Alex has a hankering to come back to the States and will probably do so before many more seasons.

The brothers returned to Scotland upon the urge of their parents. While at home Walter joined the ranks of the benedicts and returned to the States a full fledged married man. Prior to coming to America he played with the Preston North Ends, an English League, second division club, and the same team with which Tom Gillespie starred before he came across to cast his lot with the Steelmen.

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