The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, February 4, 1924
Fall River and Bethlehem Will Meet Either New York or Brooklyn

Sunday afternoon, February 24th, at 3:15 o'clock, either at the Polo Grounds, New York City, or across the bridge in Brooklyn, is the time and place decided upon, when the Bethlehem Steel soccer team, winners of one bracket in the semi-final round of the National Cup competition, will meet Fall River, winner of the Down East bracket, to decide which of the two teams is Eastern finalist and which will have the honor of trailing to St. Louis to meet the Western winner in a game which carries with it the National soccer honors.

After Bethlehem's victory over Newark in Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon, the U. S. F. A. executives announced the time and places, one of which is certain, for the Bethlehem and Fall River meeting. It appears that negotiation for the site had been pending before the game was played but the site not definitely decided upon. The tariff arrangements for use of the Polo Grounds, it is understood, is not entirely satisfactory and if an adjustment can be reached on the price of the grounds, the Polo Grounds will be given preference.

The Bethlehem management and players favor the Polo Grounds and believe that the game will draw a far bigger attendance than if played in Brooklyn. At the latter place the field decided upon, however, is said to be an excellent stadium with concrete stands and accommodations for all that might wish to see the game.

If weather conditions favor to dispose of the Eastern final on the date specified and no replay is necessary to decide the winner, the chances are that the National final in St. Louis will be played somewhere around the middle of March. In spite of the open winter to date and the excellent conditions the soccer campaigning has been somewhat delayed by the many replays in the National Cup. In one of the earlier rounds Fall River and J & P Coats battled twice before the former won the game while Bethlehem has figured in two replays in the National Cup before advancing to the final round. The first replay was in the fourth round against the New York F. C. while the second was against Newark.

The first round of the American League schedule has just about been completed which virtually means that there remain two meetings with each club. These games will no doubt be stretched out over a long period and will possibly extend late into spring for the cup games are now in their final stages and with these getting preference over league contest it is no telling when league games can be played. In the latter double-headers over the weekend are frequent occurrences but not so when a cup game is involved.

Bethlehem fans are yearning for a home tilt for it has been weeks since the Steel Workers have been seen in action here. Next Saturday, the Steel Workers will again entertain in Philadelphia with a league game against the Quaker City tribe. If no American Cup competitions are scheduled for the week following, it is possible that J & P Coats, of Pawtucket, R. I., will oppose Bethlehem in this city.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club