The Globe -- Bethlehem
February 4, 1927
Veteran Scottish Player Will Be Seen on Bethlehem Steel Pitch Saturday

"Jock" Marshall, famous veteran Scottish Internationalist, will captain the Newark soccer team on their visit to wrest soccer laurels from Bethlehem. The game will be an American League contest, one of the few still remaining to be played before the gonfalon is definitely decided.

Jock An Ex-Brooklynite

As a player, Marshall needs no introduction to local fans. His exploits as a former member of the Brooklyn club and now with Newark are well known. He is regarded as one of the most effective backs in big league soccer and surely one of the headiest, ranking with Bethlehem's veteran, "Jock" Ferguson.

But Marshall is not the only soccer celebrity that the Jerseymen will introduce in their lineup against Bethlehem on Saturday. Although the club is one of the second division aggregations the management has not overlooked any opportunity to strengthen and revamped from time to time the team to be presented against the league leaders on Saturday will probably be the strongest of the season.

Whyte With Newark

On the forward line the visitors will have Whyte, a center forward, who was given a trial by Bethlehem early in the season. Whyte made a very favorable impression with the local management but owing to the many players under contract at the time reluctantly let him go.

Other well known dribblers who have cast their lot with the Jerseymen are Bremer and Dugan, a pair of Forwards, who before joining the Newark crowd were dominant factors on the front line of the New York Giants. On the defense the Jerseymen have succeeded in securing McGowan, a former Fall River star.

Bethlehem players are taking the visit of Newark seriously. The Jerseymen have come through with the unexpected more than once this season and it seems that when in winning mood it is the league leading clubs that tackle them when in their best form. In spite of a cup tie the following weekend and Bethlehem anxious to reserve some players for the cup play, it was learned today that no chances will be taken in losing the league bunting and as a result a strong club will be fielded. The team will be chosen after the Thursday scrimmage.

By order of a league ruling, the kickoff for all league games during the remainder of the season will be at 3 o'clock instead of 2:30. The gradually lengthening days make this possible.

Soccer Notes

Fred Morley, ex-Bethlehem player, is no longer manager of the Fall River team. His resignation has been accepted.

Morely succeeded Harold Brittan as manager of the team and during his brief career in that role experience stormy sailing.

Commenting on Morley's apparent differences with the club ownership which led to his resignation, players refer to him as "a square shooter."

Bethlehem is to have another goalie, and one of high caliber, if gossip around training quarters mean anything.

The acquisition of another goalie is just another precautionary measure before Bethlehem enters into the cup tie competitions.

Dave Edwards, ranked as the best goalie in the league, will receive the regular assignment but the management is keen on having another goalie on hand in case of injury or illness of its star custodian.

The popularity of the Steelmen is evidenced by the negotiation now under way for another visit to Baltimore.

So impressed were the Baltimoreans with the style of play of Bethlehem on the visit last Sunday, that arrangements are pending for another visit against an All-League team to be played on a larger field. The invitation will probably be accepted.

A trip to California is also forecast. Soccer is popular on the Pacific Coast where fans are quite familiar with the achievements of the Bethlehem team.

Returning from a business trip to California a representative of the Bethlehem club brought back the tidings that the California people were interested in Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club