The Globe -- Bethlehem
February 4, 1927
Stark Slated to Get Back in the Lineup of Champion Team Here.

The forward line that wrested the cup honors from St. Louis last year is forecast for Bethlehem in the game against Newark in an American Soccer League contest on the former Steel field on Saturday afternoon, according to advices at training quarters today.

With cup ties to be started next weekend, it is believed that the rearrangement of the forwards is a preparation for these important classics, and the Jerseymen can expect Bethlehem at their best on their invasion to Bethlehem on Saturday.

Stark is Back

Most important of the changes is the likelihood that Archie Stark will be back at his old position at center forward. For the latter half of the season Stark assumed the position at inside right with Tom Gillespie at center. However, prior to this season Stark was the regular Bethlehem center forward and with the veteran and brilliant goal scorer back in his old position it is likely that he might be retained there for the cup classics.

The other changes to the lineup will see the veteran and dashing Granger at inside right, paired of with Johnny Jaap who will take care of the outer wing. The left wing will comprise the veterans Rollo and Goldie. While this arrangement of the forwards is given as tentative with the likelihood of Gillespie starting at center, it is believed that the changes are made in anticipating the grueling grind certain to be encountered in the cup tilts.

While the champions are determined to annex the league game and strengthen their hold on first place, certain other changes on the team are deemed advisable to be to the interest of the club before starting the cup grind. Most important of these involve "Bill" Carnihan, captain and greatest center half in the league who is not expected to don his soccer togs for the Newark game. Carnihan is in fine physical condition and his recent games indicate that he is playing probably the greatest soccer of his career. However, the dashing center half is drawn probably a bit too fine and as a precautionary measure the management believes that a layoff this week will be to the benefit of the Bethlehem captain.

In resting Carnihan in the Newark game the management has another purpose in mind and that is to work Reid, the recently acquired halfback who starred with the Phillies. The newcomer has seen little service with the Bethlehems since joining the club and the experience to be garnered serve greatly to his advantage. "Bog" McGregor will assume the center half post and Reid, although a right halfback, will be assigned to MacGregor's position on the left side of the line. The defense layout will include Barrie and Allah at backs with Edwards in goal.

Ex-Giants With Newark

Since Newark will bet he first club to be met by Bethlehem in the cup campaign, the visitors can also be expected to field a lineup that they will use in the cup classic as a means of making a comparison. This is indicated in the announcement of the visitors tentative lineup. Two former New York Giant players will make up the right wing in Dugan and Bremer. At outside left the visitors are expected to start McGowan, a former Fall River forward. Whyte, who starred with Brooklyn last year and was with Bethlehem early in the season for a trial, will play center forward. The defense will be bolstered with the acquisition of Jock Marshall, the veteran internationalist.

Attention is called to the time of staring the game. Previously the kickoff was scheduled for 2:30 o'clock. This week, however, the league set back the time half an hour and as a result the game on Saturday will be called at 3 o'clock. Referee Spence will be in charge, making his debut as a referee in this game. The probable lineup of the teams follows:

Bethlehem -- Newark
Edwards -- G -- Murdock
Barrie -- RFB -- Marshall
Allan -- LFB -- Herd
McDonald -- RHB -- Kirby
McGregor -- CHB -- Thompson
Reid -- LHB -- Nicol
Jaap -- OR -- Dugan
Granger -- IR -- Bremer
Stark -- CF -- Whyte
Rollo -- IL -- Greene
Goldie -- OL -- McGowan

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club