The Globe -- South Bethlehem
February 5, 1917
Champion Soccer Team Eliminates West Hudson in National Cup Match, 3-0.

Newark, Feb. 5 -- The Bethlehem soccer team, holder of the two most important cups in this country, defeated yesterday West Hudson, former national champion, by a score of 3-0, in the third round for the challenge trophy of the United States Football Association.

Thirty-five hundred persons saw the triumph of the champion. The ground was lumpy in spots, causing the ball to make frequent erratic bounds, which the players misjudged. It was a well fought match, however, neither side tallying in the first half.

Bethlehem -- Positions -- West Hudson
Duncan -- G -- Nelson
Fletcher -- R. F. B. -- Murray
Ferguson -- L. F. B. -- Barr
Murray -- R. H. B. -- McKay
Campbell -- C. H. B. -- Elliott
Kirkpatrick -- L. H. B. -- Mills
McKelvey -- O. R. -- Allen
Pepper -- I. R. -- Wuest
Ratican -- C. F. -- Lennox
Butler -- I. L. -- Seigel
Fleming -- O.L. -- Brown
Referee -- T. E. Creighton, New York. Linesmen -- H. Spaulding and J. Stark. Goals -- Ratican, Butler, McKelvey, Bethlehem. Time of halves. 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club