The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, February 5, 1919
When the Soccer Whistle Blows

The long craving of Philadelphia soccer enthusiasts to see the Bethlehem champions in action in the Quaker City will be gratified on Saturday afternoon when Manager Sheridan will pilot his Steel Workers to that city for a fling with the pick of the Delaware Shipyard League. This became known last night upon receipt of a telegram from the Shipbuilders' management announcing that the date was satisfactory and were highly enthusiastic over the prospects of the meet.

Practically since the opening of the season, the Shipbuilders, that is, the pick of the Delaware League, have been dickering for a meeting and although a date was set on several occasions, it had to be canceled when the national League or one or the other of the cup competitions scheduled the Bethlehem team for a game on those dates. It was expected that Bethlehem would be drawn to play a National League game this Saturday but when it became known definite that this would not occur, Manager Sheridan immediately notified the Shipbuilders with the result that unless something unforeseen occurs between now and that time, the exhibition contest will be played.

The game will be played at Third and Lehigh streets, a field located practically in the heart of the city and one of the largest crowds that ever attended a soccer game in that city is expected. This will be the first time that Bethlehem has played in Philadelphia this season and will mostly likely present the strongest lineup in weeks. Owing to injuries and for other reasons, the Steel Workers have not been playing several of the star performers but they are expected to return in harness again for the game on Saturday. Among these are Ratican, the great center forward, and Jimmy Campbell, who has been out of the game for a good many weeks because of injures. Ratican will take his usual place at center forward, while Campbell will play center half and also captain the team. With this pair of stars in the lineup, the National champions will assume a bold front. It will also prove the strongest team they have put on the field this season, and on that account the Shipyard eleven will have to go some to be the first team of the season in the East to lower the champions' colors.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club