The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, February 5, 1919
Athletic Chatter

Somebody whispered that there is a possibility of luring Harry Pearce, the sensational soccer player and former second baseman for the Phillies, to the local plant of the Bethlehem Steel Company. If this were possible the local management would make the biggest strike of the season and a more valuable man to athletics could not e desired. From what we hear, the Phillies have tendered Harry a contract for the coming season but he has not yet accepted and is undecided whether he wants to return to the majors or continue his work at the shipbuilding plant. Last season Pearce was available but for some reason no effort was made to bring him hear. He was known as a soccer player of ordinary ability but since then the prophets have been forced to change their opinion for today he is ranked as the greatest and pluckiest goal tender that ever stood before the sticks. This fact is only too well known to the Bethlehem management and became more forcibly impressed in the game last Sunday when Pearce thwarted all efforts of the local crowd to break the tie with the Merchants A team with his brilliant and daring saves. In baseball Pearce is considered one of the best keystone sackers in the National League and would be a valuable addition to most any team. He is fast, throws good, is speedy on the bases and handles the willow with deadly effect. Another big asset in his favor is that he is still a youngster and has many more years of baseball and soccer before him. His judgment is selecting some industrial labor also is to his credit, realizing that he cannot continue in professional baseball all his life and by so doing can prepare himself for the future. Should Pearce be acquired for a Steal League team he would probably report in better condition than any of the other players. His training through the winter season in soccer has kept him in good condition and it is hoped that if he is available he can be lured to the local plant.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club