The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, February 5, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Where Judgment Lacked
For the miserable display of the Newark F. C. against Bethlehem Steel on Saturday afternoon, Andy Brown, manager and owner of the Jersey clan is the one to be censured and not the players. A week ago last Saturday the two teams battled to a scoreless tie on a field frozen solidly and with grave danger of injury to all players concerned. Newark deadlocked in a one goal draw and immediately after the contest it was made known that the replay would be staged the following Saturday. Bethlehem had an exhibition game booked with the Trenton Stars for Sunday but apparently realizing that the ground conditions would hardly be improved and as a precaution against possible injury to deprive the team of the services of any of the players in the important replay, the Bethlehem management wisely canceled the game. The judgment of the latter was not misplaced for on that Sunday, it will be recalled, it was possibly several degrees colder than the previous day. Newark, too, had an exhibition game booked for Sunday and went through it as scheduled. The Jersey clan was not only defeated but due to the lack of wisdom in calling off its game lost Sam Fletcher, the strongest bulwark in the Newark defense.

No One Could Have Beaten Steel Workers
Fans do not believe that with Fletcher in the lineup his addition would have made any difference in the outcome of the game for with the form displayed fans doubt if any team in the country could have coped with Bethlehem of last Saturday. It is believed, however, with Fletcher at his regular fullback position Newark would have presented a stronger showing if inspired by the presence of the former Bethlehem player and easily one of the strongest defensive players with Newark in the original round of the semi-final. This lack of wisdom in allowing the Sunday game to go through in the opinion of many left the Newark team without the services of a player who was thoroughly familiar with the style of Bethlehem dribblers. Instead of playing Sam tried to inspire his teammates with his presence on the sidelines. A pulled tendon in the right leg sustained in the exhibition game kept the popular Bethlehem player out of the lineup.

Laurels More Cherished Than Gold
Fostering a soccer team purely as a commercial enterprise, such as quite a few are numbered among the Eastern teams and fostering a team for the pure love of the sport and the honors to be attained, is the contrast of conditions in the American League. It is no secret that the National Giants of New York is a strictly commercial proposition and one ventures to say that the inexperienced managerial guidance of the Polo Grounds club has done more harm to soccer in the Metropolis than any other medium. Everybody expected to see at least a contender for the soccer laurels entrenched in the biggest city and the biggest playing ground in the East instead of a team that hardly retains the same lineup from one week to the other and a team that has proven a consistent loser. As a commercial enterprise the present Bethlehem aggregation would have gone big in New York. The Bethlehem team is not fostered as a commercial enterprise although of course it is the wish of the management to have the club self-sustaining. Many more shekels would have rolled into the coffers of the soccer treasury if it was money the club was after instead of the laurels. The most forceful illustration to confirm this assertion occurred during the holidays when Bethlehem refused an offer to play in St. Louis which would have meant the mere trifle of five or six thousand dollars. The game could have conveniently been played in spite of the replay cup tilt that was pending for the St. Louisians wanted Bethlehem on New Year's Day while the repay was staged on the previous Sunday afternoon.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club