The Globe - South Bethlehem
Monday, February 8, 1915
Victor Company's Eleven Proves Easy Picking in American League Game.

Bethlehems had little trouble in winning from the Victor Talking Machine company 's team, in an American league soccer game, Saturday, the score being, 7-0.

Victor could not cope with Bethlehems' fast pace, and were on the defensive all the time, having but one try at goal. After several corner kicks, which netted no points, Sweeney gave way to a penalty, which Fleming converted. Shortly afterward on a fine run by the forwards Millar shot the second goal, and followed it up with the third. The Victor team missed a splendid chance to score just before the first half ended, but Duncan ran out, saving the point. Millar and Pepper did the scoring in the second half. Hughes gave a remarkable exhibition at goal, making many saves.

The line-up:

Victor -- Bethlehems
Hughes - goal -- Duncan
Sweeney -- right fullback -- Fletcher
Fenton -- left fullback -- Lawson
McAllister -- right half back -- Campbell
Boyle -- center halfback -- Clarke
Donohue -- left halfback -- Morrison
Laxton -- outside right -- Ford
Ablet -- inside right -- Murray
Fredericks -- center forward -- Millar
Devline -- inside left -- Pepper
Grove -- outside left - Fleming
Goals - Millar, 4; Fleming (penalty); Pepper. Referee - James Walters, Philadelphia. Linesmen, J. Nicholson, and Whitson. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club