The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, February 13, 1919
Athletic Chatter

Harry Ratican, the popular soccer idol, will return to the game after several weeks lay-off, on Saturday, according to Manager Sheridan. Ever since and before the Christmas holidays Manager Sheridan has been deprived of the services of two of his best players -- Ratican and Jimmy Campbell -- but despite these handicaps the ability of the reserves was sufficient to cope with that of the opponents and the team continued to ride along victorious. These two star players will again resume the burden of their former position in the game against he newly organized Robins Dry Dock F. C. on the Bethlehem Steel athletic field Saturday afternoon. Negotiations were on for an exhibition game against he Hog Island team in Philadelphia on Sunday but these were squashed by the Steel Workers' management. The Bethlehem players are all in good physical condition at the present time and it is in view of keeping the team intact for the important cup and league games pending that Manager Sheridan has called off the contest. The chance of injury to players in an exhibition contest, he contends, are not worth the chances of being deprived of the soccer laurels toward which the Steel Workers are again headed. It is likely that after some of the most important games have been played the champions will invade the haunts of the Shipbuilders later in the season.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club