The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, February 13, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Boys Are Getting Quite Rough
Soccer is no longer ping pong. Certainly not for the players, who in important tilts are becoming quite rough. Riot squads are called out to patrol the premises but in spite of these guardians of the law the players do not seem to hesitate in flinging their fists. The New York Nationals defeated the New York Giants in the second round National cup replay on the latters' field on Sunday afternoon. One threatened uprising by the patrons was quickly quelled. However, blows were exchanged not he field and a player of each side banished from the game. Several were knocked cold, so, after all, the contest was anything but a pink tea. And from Bayonne, N. J. where the Hispano Field Club won the Northern Jersey Shore championship by defeating the Rover Field Club mounted police entered on a scene just in time to break up a free-for-all.

Banished Players
Dave Evans was imported from the Middle West to handle the whistle in the National vs. Giant cup game and although the writer has never seen this individual perform as the odd man on the pitch, he is convinced that he is the caliber of official beg league soccer needs. Evans did not hesitate in banishing players for fighting, in spite of the howling mob of more than 5,000 spectators who protested his action. Neither did he hesitate in calling penalties to break up the rough stuff, imposing no less than three before the end of hostilities. To chase a player in New York is quite an undertaking. It wasn't so many weeks back t hat the Giants were engaged in a game in which a replay was ordered because the official in charge lacked the courage of his convictions and admitted that much when a protest was aired and the game ordered replayed.

The Survivors
The National cup in the Eastern Division is now advanced to the semi-final round. Four survivors remain and these four clubs will probably settle their disputes next weekend. In the Metropolitan district it will be the New York Nationals and Agar's Brooklynites to fight it out. In the New England District Fall River and J & P Coats meet in the semi-final. Of the two games, the Marksmen seem to have a pronounced edge on the Threadmakers. Not so in the New York affair. The National and Brooklyn game should materialize into a red hot affair. Soccer could enjoy no greater stimulus from the standpoint of interest than the Nationals coming through for the eastern title.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club