The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Monday, February 14, 1916
Local Eleven Toys With Philadelphia Team in American League Soccer Contest.

In a sleet storm Bethlehem Steel, national soccer champion and Ranger, Philadelphia, literally slid through an American league game, Saturday, Bethlehem, with a changed line-up, easily winning, 13-0.

The national champions soon demonstrated their superiority and Gaynor, after a few minutes of play, registered the first point for Bethlehem Steel by heading the ball past Campbell. Ranger broke away occasionally but failed to penetrate the defense of Wilson and Lawson. Six more goals for the local team were added by Gaynor, Graham, Murray, and Lance. Gaynor being in great form, registered three goals during this period.

The first half ended 7-0. Toward the end of the second period the superior work of the Bethlehem Steel team showed, six goals being added.

Ranger -- Bethlehem Steel
Campbell -- G -- Butler
Simindinger R.F.B. -- Wilson
Grady -- L.F.B. -- Lawson
H. Campbell -- R.H.B. -- Murray
Donnelly -- C.H.B. -- Clarke
Gormley -- L.H.B. -- Fletcher
Scott -- O.R. -- Dean
Morely -- I.R. -- Graham
Shelvin -- C.F. -- Lance
Young -- I.L. -- Gaynor
McCabe -- O.L. -- Fleming
Goals -- Gaynor, 4; Graham, 3; Lance, 2; Clarke, 2; Murray, Fleming. Referee -- H. J. Carpenter, Bethlehem. Linesmen -- H. Lawson and R. Morrison. Time of halves -- 40 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club