February 14, 1917
Big Teams to Contest on Saturday.
Champion's One Armed Player.

The Bethlehem Steel Co. and Philadelphia Hibernians will clash next Saturday for the first time this season. The latter has gotten together a very strong aggregation among which are such players as Coursey, Gaynor, Swartz, Brown, McCartney, Jaconvelli, O'Donnell, Wilson and Robinson. All the men are first class players. Bethlehem will play the second game of the series in Philadelphia early in April.

The National champions will try out a new outside right against the Philadelphia team, this player who hails from Holland is known as the Flying Dutchman and is a one armed soccer player, in fact the only one armed athlete playing soccer in the United States today. He has played on several of the leading teams on the continent had has also played in London and Canada and has followed soccer for several years. Ned Jakobs by name has stated to manager Trend that since being in this country he has followed the record of the Bethlehem Steel Company team and was determined that if he ever would have occasion to visit this locality he would offer his services to the champions. Mr. Jakobs expects to remain here about a month. He is a representative of the American Chicle Company in Europe and South American countries. The Steel Company soccer management decided to give him a trial next Saturday and he will play outside right. The following are the clubs that Jakobs has played for: Zwolche Athletic Club, Zwolle, Holland; Prins Hendrick Club, Holland; Brussels Sporting Club, Brussels, Belgium; Tufnill Park F. C., London, England.

James Walders, Philadelphia, will referee. The game will start at 3 p.m.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club