The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, February 14, 1919
Soccer Notes

On account of many colleges having completed their soccer schedule this year, the Lehigh team has been unable so far to get guarantees from rival colleges. In view of this the team manager has arranged for a series of games with each of the Blue Mountain soccer league teams. On Wednesday, after an extra period of ten minutes, the Temperance team defeated Lehigh by the score of 1 goal to nothing. The next game will be played at Lehigh tomorrow afternoon when the Saucon Cross Roads team will be pitted against the collegians. The Cross Roads are at present leading the Blue Mountain League.

The revised schedule of the Blue Mountain games as announced by Secretary Carpenter for tomorrow calls for only one league contest. The North Ends will meet the Victors on the Cross Roads field. The Temperance team will remain idle.

The Bethlehem Steel-Robins Dry Dock National League game will be played, no matter what the weather conditions are. One thousand people can be accommodated in the grand stand where they are completely sheltered from the elements. The Robins have a strong lineup and have only lost one game so far this season. Several of the players have been seen on the local field before with the various clubs and their ability is well known. The Steel Workers are determined to take no chances with the visitors and the strongest possible lineup will be selected. The exact personnel of the team will not be determined until shortly before the game. George Young, of Philadelphia, will referee.

Now that the big cup games are coming along an effort will be made to determine on a regular lineup for the Steel Workers' team. The team has undergone many changes of late, particularly in the halfback line, and if the players selected for the position tomorrow cooperate satisfactorily with the defense and forward line they are likely to be the regular halfback line in future games.

The probable forward line for tomorrow's game is McKelvey, Forrest, Ratican, Millar and Fleming. This line ought to make it interesting for any defense, particularly if they are well back up with the halfback line. Accurate and timely passing by the halves will g o a long way toward making the Steel Workers look like the brilliant aggregation that has represented Bethlehem in the past few seasons.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club