The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
February 14, 1927
Lowly Newark Booters Upset the Dope and Cop First Big Tilt, 4-2

A combination of circumstances together with ragged playing on the part of Bethlehem contributed to the defeat of the national champions in the first round American Soccer League cup competition played at Newark Sunday afternoon when the Jerseymen eliminated the Steel Workers in the season's biggest soccer upset by the score of 4 to 2.

Extra Periods Played

In spite of Bethlehem's ragged playing, the Steel Workers often held their own but could not combat the circumstances, such as a poor field, together with others which were presented. Newark resorted to a rough, rushing and kicking style garnered the honors in two extra periods.

There are many conditions which stand out as contributory to Bethlehem's defeat. The team was decidedly off color, evidently apparent surely when the forwards were unable to score a single goal in the last eighty minutes of play. Misunderstandings among the players together with ineffectual work on the defense as well as the offense were glaringly evident.

The gift of one goal presented by Barrie completely upset the machine-like precision of the Bethlehem team. On a ball kicked by Dugan, the Bethlehem fullback caught Edwards flatfooted when without any reason seemingly he slipped the ball back to the goal. At the time there wasn't a Newark player within ten yards. Edwards expecting the ball to go past, left his goal when Barrie's unexpected pass was made and the sphere rolled into Bethlehem's net for Newark's first goal.

However, Barrie was not alone in being off his game. Edwards' work in the goal was the weakest witnessed this season. The raggedness was also visible on the halfback line and among the forwards. After the gift Newark fought with a greater determination and urged on by the thunderous rooting of the Newark fans which at times seemed to influence Referee McCabe.

Losers Led in First Half

Bethlehem was leading at half time by the score of 2 go 1, both goals having been scored by Stark. Newark's equalizer came a moment after the ball had been played by Carnihan. His clearance came back and when in position to intercept the ball took a peculiar bound over his head. Strong sensed the opportunity and rushing in nipped the ball into the goal without Edwards having a chance at it.

When the regular playing time found the teams deadlocked the extra periods were ordered. Strong scored in the first when on a drive the ball struck the upright and rebounded to the playing field. Edwards ran beyond the post to handle and Strong meeting the ball on the rebound placed it into an open goal.

The fourth an final tally came when a thrown clearance by Edwards was headed into the net from the touchline. The lineup:

Newark -- Bethlehem
Murdock -- G -- Edwards
Marshall -- RFB -- Barrie
Herd -- LFB -- Allan
Kirby -- RHB -- McDonald
Thomas -- CHB -- Carnihan
Nicol -- LHB -- McGregor
Dugan -- OR -- Jaap
Christie -- IR -- Granger
Strong -- CF -- Stark
Green -- IL -- Rollo
McGowan -- OL -- Goldie
Substitutions: Daley for Christie. Referee: E. McCabe. Linesmen: Courage and Gray. Goals: Newark; Allan (miskick), Strong 2, McGowan, Bethlehem, Stark 2. Time of halves: 45 minutes. Extra periods: 15 minutes each.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club