The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Tuesday, February 15, 1916
All Members of Team Except Duncan in Fine Shape -- Goal Record Increased.

The Bethlehem Steel team faces a stiff schedule, with National and American cup games with the Jersey City and West Hudson teams away from home and league games with Victor Talking Machine company, Disston and Hibernian, at home. The league game with the Victor Talking Machine company must be played next Saturday, February 19, while the game with Jersey City, which has been postponed twice, must be played on or before February 26, and the game with West Hudson, on or before March 6. Should this weather continue, it is quite possible that the American Football association may order a further postponement of the Jersey City vs. Bethlehem Steel game which is slated to be played this Sunday weather and grounds permitting.

All the members of the local team are in good shape and undergoing special training with the exception of Duncan, who is confined to his bead ill of grip. The draw for the fourth round of the National cup should result in some very close and interesting games, being fought out with the teams paired off. Chicago and Cleveland will battle with each other to see who should have the honor of representing the west against the east. Bethlehem and West Hudson will battle on the West Hudson grounds to see who should represent New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Bridgeport City vs. Continental game will undoubtedly be a hummer, as both teams have made a great showing this season. The winner of this game will have the honor of representing the New York state in the semi-final. The other teams left in the National cup competition are the New Bedford and Fall River Rovers, who will fight it out at New Bedford to see who will represent the New England states. All these teams are first class, having forged their way to the present standing by defeating some of the best teams in various parts of the country.

With the thirteen goals scored by Bethlehem against Ranger, on Saturday, added to their goal record in the American league series, the goal average of the local team shows them to be only a few goals behind the Disston team and with one game on hand.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club