The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, February 15, 1926
Archie Stark is Factor in Defeat of Philadelphia F. C. in National Tie

Twice Archie Stark, premier goal scorer in the American Soccer League, penetrated the net for goals and it was these two counters that gave Bethlehem Steel a victory over the Philadelphia F. C. on the latter's grounds on Saturday afternoon and advanced the Steelmen to the semi-final round of the National Challenge Cup competition in the Eastern section. The score was 2 goals to 1.

Although victorious, the Steelmen met much stiffer opposition than anticipated, and at times were really threatened by the dashing Quakers. The latter battled with a brand of play truly characteristic of cup contests and went down to defeat at the hands of the Steelmen fighting hard to the very last minute.

At the end of the first half Bethlehem was leading by the score of 1 to 0. About twenty minutes of play had elapsed when Stark notched number one goal . Contributing to the success was Jaap, the Steelmen's speedy outside right. Jaap in possession of the ball maneuvered until he had tricked Davis, the Philadelphia captain. He stayed on the ball until he had drawn the defense and then centered to Stark. The latter, about ten yards out, met the ball with his head and with a deft touch placed it out of reach of Kucklick in goal.

Bethlehem continued to press with determined abandon for the remainder of the half, but their forward movements were either frustrated by the Quaker backs or their parting shots went past.

The display of the Bethlehems in the opening half seemed that after the restart when the forwards would develop better aim, it would be a matter of how many goals the Steelmen would score. But then came the surprise. The Phillies rallied and launched an attack that fairly dazed the Bethlehems. Down the field the swept, advancing the ball with short and long swinging passes, resorting to those most favored under the condition.

For a time the Bethlehem defense were mighty busy individuals. Early in clearing the Bethlehem defense was forced to concede a corner which proved unproductive. But the Phillies continued to press and were deep in Bethlehem territory when Allen handled the ball in the penalty area. The kick from the twelve-yard line was taken by Hans Boos, former University of Pennsylvania star, and only collegian in big league soccer. His drive was stopped by Highfield. However, referee James Walders ordered the kick taken over, ruling that Highfield failed to remain behind his goal line as he moved about in guessing at what angle the Penn star would shoot. Carroll was given the second kick with which he outguessed Highfield with his unerring aim and landed the ball into the net for the equalizer.

By this time the Steelmen were again awake to the situation and began gradually to start a concentrated aggressiveness which bore fruit late in the half. It was the educated toe of the Bethlehem center forward which decided the issue. Pressing hard, he unleashed a shot at Kucklick, the latter batting down the ball, but before he could make a clearance, Stark had followed the shot and on his second shot had virtually an open goal to place it.

The conditions of the game were anything but favorable. The grounds were in fair condition, but the snow lay inches deep in places, while at other sections of the field, [...] spots were in view. It snowed throughout the game.

In addition the snow, ice and around the goal areas, water and mud, made it a sever task to keep up the pace. Again, the ball, a Scotch brand, was heavy and frequently time was called as the players were injured. However, all kept up the strenuous play, for the winning of the cup series is to soccer what the world's series is to baseball.

The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Philadelphia
Highfield -- G -- Kucklick
Berryman -- RFB -- Davis
Allen -- LFB -- Carroll
McDonald -- RHB -- H. MacDonald
Carnihan -- CHB -- Sinclair
MacGregor -- LHB -- Duffy
Jaap -- OR -- Gowdy
Granger -- IR -- McLouchlan
Stark -- CF -- Boos Rollo -- IL -- Rudolph
Goldie -- OL -- Marshall
Score -- Bethlehem 2; Philadelphia 1. Half-time score -- Bethlehem 1; Philadelphia 0. Goals -- Stark 2, Carroll (penalty). Referee - Jim Walder, Philadelphia. Neutral linesmen, Pat Howley and William Kendall, of the Philadelphia Referee's Association. Time -- 45 minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club