The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
February 17, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Quite True
The Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club has a job cut out for Saturday afternoon when Newark visits here for an American Soccer League game. But a bigger job probably on Sunday when the Steelmen meet Brooklyn on the latter's pitch. From an attendance consideration the Agarites should reap a fortune for Brooklyn fans are quite familiar with the heated and not any too friendly rivalry exiting between the teams. This attitude existed before Brooklyn bowled Bethlehem out of the National Cup competition and has become more pronounced since them. Calling attention to the game in Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon, one Gotham sports scribe types the following: "The feeling between Bethlehem and Brooklyn is not exactly friendly, so Jim Walders, of Philadelphia, has been asked the handle the game. He is a referee noted for his ability to keep the ball rolling all the time. The Wanderers put Bethlehem out of the National championship and the Steelmakers will view Sunday's game as a chance to get some measure of revenge."

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club