The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, February 18, 1919
Soccer Notes

On Saturday there will be a National League game on Bethlehem Steel field between Babcock & Wilcox and Bethlehem Steel. An interesting game is sure to be witnessed. The Babs pulled a big surprise last Sunday when they defeated the Merchant A team by the score of four goals to two in the National League. Bethlehem defeated the Babs early in the season, but it can readily be seen that they are a much stronger team at present when they so easily defeated the crack Merchant team, which only recently held Bethlehem to a tie. If Bethlehem is victorious in this game they will come very close to clinching the championship.

Bethlehem Steel soccer team will play home on the next two Saturdays, meeting Babcock & Wilcox on the 22nd and the Goodyear Rubber of Akron., O., in the fourth round National Cup game on March 1.

Paddy Butler showed good form in the halfback line last Saturday, but his ability to shoot will probably land him a permanent berth in the forward line in the future.

Robertson, the fullback of the Robins Dry Dock F. C. gave a clever exhibition of defensive work against Bethlehem last Saturday, preventing on several occasions what looked like certain goals. Dick Spalding and Robertson were the mainstay of the defense of the American team that toured Norway and Sweden in 1916.

If Bethlehem Steel is victorious against the Goodyear Rubber company in the National Cup they will be semi-finalists in both the National and American Cups.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club