The Globe -- Bethlehem
February 18, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Similar Infraction by Bethlehem Years Ago
In discussing the soccer incident at New Bedford, Mass., on Saturday afternoon which deprived Bethlehem Steel of tying with New Bedford in the second round of the cup competition, and interesting sidelight was revealed which should have a bearing as a precedent on the disposition of the protest Bethlehem has entered in regards to the game. If not mistaken it was Horace Williams, active in soccer as an official who recalled an incident some years ago when Bethlehem journeyed to St. Louis for an exhibition game. Sam Fletcher, then a member fisted the ball as it went sailing into the net. Instead of calling a penalty the referee allowed the goal and that goal defeated the Steel Workers. There was no complaint from the Bethlehem team for while probably intentional on the part of Fletcher the act nevertheless seemed willful. There have been times in big league soccer across the pond that similar dispositions of such cases were made when the violation seemed deliberate and willful.

Sports an International Cap
The many friends and admirers of Alec Jackson, former inside right of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team will be pleased to know that the popular Steel Worker has been given his International Cap to represent Scotland, one of the most coveted honors to be bestowed upon a soccer player in the old country. Also, since returning to Scotland he has been playing great football and the honor he has garnered is in recognition of his brilliant work. Last year Alec, with his brother Walter, were two mainstays on the Bethlehem Steel forward line. They left shortly before the opening of the season here presumably in a visit but after returning home remained there. Alec has intimated that he will return next season and if he does Bethlehem Steel can boast of an internationalist at the height of his career or possibly a player who is still in his teens has not yet reached the pinnacle of form.

Will Not Interfere with Fall River Game
No matter what disposition is made in regards to the Bethlehem protest of the New Bedford game it will not interfere with the scheduled Fall River game here on Saturday afternoon. Secretary Cahill has decided to air the protest on Friday night and should a decision be rendered in favor of the Steel Workers the replay would not take place for another week at least. However, had the protest been heard earlier in the week and the verdict in favor of Bethlehem in the cup tilt would have been given preference and the fans once more disappointed by a cancellation. Since there is no precedent of a similar case on record in league affairs, many soccer experts express the opinion that the league will support the referee's decision . Should the latter acknowledge that he erred and his acknowledgment supported by the neutral linesmen there is a possibility that the game might be ordered replayed.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club