The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, February 20, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Ramifications of Soccer
"The ordinary sport lover has little idea of the ramifications of soccer," points out a news letter from the American Soccer League publicity bureau, and one can agree with this claim after noting statistics of the world wide extent of the sport. "For instance, the article says, he does not realize that there is scarcely a civilized country where it is not played and there is no sport any place that draws the crowds it does where the game has flourished for years and is understood.

"Organized or unorganized, there are about 15,000 elevens in the United States -- and that seems big -- yet Africa, about which little is heard, has almost as many teams as there are here. And they are still growing. New Zealand is a great country for the sport, too, though little heard of. Last summer the English professional team toured that country and crowds of 50,000 were the rule -- and they were exhibitions at that."

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club