The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, February 21, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

All Het Up Over Cup Play
Chief topic of interest among soccer fans is the National Challenge Cup competition. All the Eastern semi-finals and the Western fifth round have been played, simmering down to three games in the West and one in the East before the national championship match. It is planned to have the Western semi-final played in time to hold the final match in that section. This will be possible provided there are no more blizzards intervening before this weekend when surely the Eastern final will in all probability be decided. The date for the National final is one week later than the Eastern final which will be played in Dexter Park, Brooklyn, between the Bethlehem and Fall River Elevens.

Look for Many Visitors
While soccer fans will hit the trail for Brooklyn from all points in the Eastern section the greatest influx, of course, is expected from Bethlehem and vicinity and the Fall River district. Hardly had Fall River qualified before it was announced that no less than 2,000 rooters would accompany the team for the rooting section in Fall River is one of the material contributions to the success of the New England clan when playing on the home field. Bethlehem, being closer to Brooklyn than Fall River and having the advantage of an excursion rate, is expected to send over that many more. These visitors with the many soccer fans of the metropolitan district is expected to compose one of the largest crowds that ever witnessed a soccer match in this country outside the National final.

Site Not Yet Selected
While in all possibility St. Louis, a seething hotbed for soccer, will be the location of the National final, which this year is played in the west, the committee in charge of the grounds will not make the definite selection until the two teams -- one from the East and one from the West -- have qualified. Competition yet to be decided in the West is between the Vesper Buicks, of St. Louis, recent conquerors of the Scullins, Western finalists last season, and the Goodyears, of Akron, O. In the other semi-final the Detroit Celtics will engage the Bricklayers, of Chicago.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club