The Globe -- Bethlehem
February 21, 1927
Bethlehem Steel and N. Y. Giants to Sponsor Trip That Now Seems Assured

The most gigantic project in soccer ever attempted in this country is now being negotiated and with sanction of the United States Football Association the management of the Bethlehem Steel F. C., and the New York Giants will jointly sponsor an extensive tour for the Hakoahs Jewish Club of Vienna, in this country and Canada.

Negotiations for such a tour are only pending word from the U. S. F. A. and there is no danger that this body will refuse the project since what these clubs are doing is in the interest of the development of the sport in this country.

Have Better Team

Dr. Korner, a Hakoah representative accompanied by the managing director of the "Art," a philosophical society in New York, together with Mr. Vanderweigh of the New York Giants will be in Bethlehem tomorrow when the final arrangements are expected to be made.

The Hakoahs visited America last year and shattered all records for attendance in this country. The team to represent the Vienna Jews this year is said to be even better than the one last year.

In accepting with the New York Giants to foster the tour the Hakoah representatives sought out these two American soccer clubs after touring down other interests. The matter was hinging fire for several weeks, but now seems practically closed.

Would Play Fourteen Games

The details are still tentative, but it a planned to include a t our of fourteen games, one of which would more than likely come to Bethlehem as a mid-week attraction. T he team would arrive late in March and tour ding the moths of April and May. The schedule of the fourteen games would probably be distributed with three in New York City, one in Bethlehem, two in Philadelphia, two in Chicago, one in Milwaukee, one in Detroit, one in Cleveland, one in Toronto, one in Montreal, and probably one in Baltimore and if possible two or three games for which a demand would be made later. It is understood that the combined management of the tour are practically assured a guarantee of $20,000 to play the first game in New York.

No touring soccer team ever gained the popularity of the Hakoahs and it is believed that the tour this year will go across bigger than before. Last year the tour established new attendance records in American soccer and the turn out was far greater than the fondest expectations.

The financial investment involved is the biggest ever paid for a touring soccer team. It is understood that the Bethlehem and New York managements will have to guarantee $50,000 as well as to defray all expenses.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club