The Globe - South Bethlehem
Monday, February 23, 1914
Bethlehems, 1; All-Star, 1.

The Bethlehems management accomplished a difficult proposition when it cleared East End field of snow and ice to stage one of the biggest soccer events in the history of Bethlehems. Secretary Hemingway of the Allied American Football Association, Philadelphia, said that he was positive that there was not another association in America that would have undertaken to do what the association of Bethlehems had done. The Allied officials commended Bethlehems on the arrangements made and so thoroughly carried out. Another very gratifying point was the attendance at the game of over 2000 enthusiastic rooters, who saw the champion team uphold its splendid reputation by holding the All-Star eleven of Philadelphia to a 1-1 score even though minus the services of two of its best men. The Reserves also upheld the Bethlehems reputation by defeating Lafayette 2-0.

The main feature of the day was the parade of the teams and officials and rooters in automobiles headed by the Bethlehem Steel Co. Band, over twenty automobiles taking part in the parade, which was through the main streets of the Bethlehems.

Another big game will be played in East End field next Saturday, when Bethlehem will meet the Centenary F.C., Philadelphia, in the second round of the Philadelphia Amateur Cup Competition.

Bethelehem Steel Soccer Club