The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, February 23, 1922
To be Correst Locals Defeated Locals in Weird Soccer Match Yesterday

by Fred S. Nonnemacher
Mud polo would probably have been a more appropriate term for the two act soccer game staged on the Bethlehem Steel Co. athletic field yesterday afternoon, when the Philadelphia F. C. defeated the Bethlehem selected eleven by the score of 8 goals to 2.

The field was virtually a quagmire and for two forty-five minute periods the players fell, slid and waded through this mud. Occasionally here was a flash of good soccer and on these occasions it was usually the crack Philadelphia F. C. that gave it. However, the hand full of fans present had an amusing afternoon's entertainment.

The professionals lined up against the Bethlehem players, some from Lehigh University and one from Allentown. The veterans who were in the lineup were sadly lacking in condition and after a few minutes spurt in the opening half quieted down. In this period the Bethlehem forwards did not come anywhere near the Philadelphia goal and late in the session when Rice got the ball forty yards out dribbled to the goal and drew Kerr out. Rice followed immediately with a shot that completely beat the big team goalie. This Rice, by the way, promises to be a comer. He recently invaded these parts, coming from Canada where he made an enviable reputation in the booting sport.

Despite the adverse conditions for the game and the weak opponents the Philadelphians were pitted against it was a treat to see a big time eleven in action. After Morely scored two goals within three minutes of the restart, most of the playing for the remainder of the session was either contained to the territory around midfield or in the neighborhood of the visitors goal. This condition existed largely because the visitors refused to work their forward line and resorted most exclusively to passing.

It was an ideal day and field for Jimmy Easton, a former Bethlehem regular. Jimmy was always known to his teammates as a dangerous mudhorse and he lived up to this reputation. Easton, Rice, Billy Forrest another local favorite, Joe and Bobby Morrison at times flashed with excellent combination work. The Bethlehemites also had included in their lineup two Lehigh University players in Brewer and Mercur. T he former was placed in a position requiring the hardest work of the afternoon. Neither one showed the polish of their more experienced teammates and rivals but at that looked mighty good for college players. OF the two Brewer was deserving of the greater honors. The Philadelphians counted eight goals on him but again as many were thwarted, several due to brilliant saves.

To the Bethlehem players must go the credit for scoring one of the prettiest goals of the afternoon. It was late in the second half and following close after Jimmy Easton beat Kerr with a penalty kick. Easton was taking long shots all afternoon and his aim as a rule was good. Kerr on one occasion tipping the ball over the bar. On this particular point Easton dropped the ball toward the net where the sphere hit the cross piece and rebounded into playing territory. Before Kerr could grab it, Rice came dashing in and completely beat the goal keeper.

The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Philadelphia
Brewer -- G -- Kerr
Wilson -- RFB -- Bethune
Collier -- LFB -- Ferguson
Stewart -- RHB -- Murray
R. Morrison -- CHB -- Neilson
Forrest -- LHB -- Lorimer
Mercur -- OR -- Campbell
J. Morrison -- IR - -Morley
Rice -- CF -- Brittan
Easton -- OL -- Jaap
McCurley -- IL -- Fleming
Goals -- Brittan 2, Jaap, Morley 3, Campbell, Rice 2, Easton, Ferguson. Referee -- Williams. Linesmen -- W. Morrison and Duncan. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club