The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, February 23, 1922
A Swing Along Athletic Row

A Tinge of Small-Time Stuff
On a water-soaked field the Philadelphia F. C. and a picked team of Bethlehem competed to the enjoyment of the corporal's guard of fans. However, those who did gather were treated to some very good football despite the condition of the field. On the selected team were two players whose experience was limited to collegiate games and who apparently appreciated the opportunity of gaining experience by playing against he crack Philadelphia outfit. These players were Brewer, goalkeeper, and Mercur, of the Lehigh team. It was not expected that Brewer could perform with the same finish and effectiveness as the veterans but nevertheless he several times thrilled with brilliant saves. It was toward the close of the game that the visitors took an undue advantage of the Lehigh goalkeeper. It surely as not encouraging to a new recruit. A penalty kick was awarded Philadelphia about 15 yards out. Instead of the forwards assuming the responsibility of placing the ball into the net, the team summoned Jock Ferguson, a back and one of the heftiest kickers on the squad to count the point. Brewer, nevertheless, was game and assumed his position. Fortunately, he was unable to save, the ball crashing into the net with terrific speed.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club