The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, February 23, 1926
Regulars are Evenly Distributed and Hot Contest Results in 4 to 3 Score.

Taking advantage of the holiday with no league game booked, two teams of the Bethlehem Steel F. C. locked horns in a practice game on the Steel field on Monday afternoon and gave an exhibition that had more thrills than a good many of the league games witnessed in this city.

The regulars were equally distributed among the two sides, the Reds boasting of the first string forwards while the Blues had the better of the choice for the defensive makeup of the team. At the end of the ninety minutes of play, the Blues were on the long end of a 4 to 3 score.

Two new players made their appearance in the Steel lineup. Frank Harris, a left halfback, did duty on the Reds and gave a very favorable impression. He tackled fearlessly and was quite accurate in placing the ball to his forwards. McGraw, the other newcomer and a goalie, did duty between the uprights for the Blues.

The reds seemed to have the edge on the Blues when at half time they were leading by the score of 2 to 1. Granger notched the first goal and was followed shortly afterward by a shot from Stark. The lone counter tallied by the Blues came off the boot of Arthur Robertson.

Handling too freely in the second half within the penalty area proved disastrous to the Reds. Twice Dave Carson, playing on the forward line, counted with penalties and tied the score. The winning tally was located by Arthur Robertson in the closing minutes of the game.

Although an exhibition affair, the contest was spiritedly waged. After the long idleness, it proved a good practice tilt in keeping the players on edge for their league and cup games. The lineup:

Reds -- Blues
Highfield -- G -- McGraw
Raeside -- RFB -- Berryman
Ferguson -- LFB -- Allen
Pepper -- RHB -- McDonald
Lance -- CHB -- Carnihan
Harris -- LHB -- MacGregor
Forrest -- OR -- Carson
Granger -- IR -- Rohland
Stark -- CF -- Purvis
Rollo -- IL -- Robertson
Goldie -- OL -- Terris
Goals: Granger 1; Stark 2; Robertson 2; Carson 2 (penalties). Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club