The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, February 24, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer Upsets General
Bethlehem Steel's chances of annexing American Soccer League honors are decidedly slim and possible only by a complete collapse of the Fall River eleven. And that is not likely to occur. After Brooklyn bumped off the league leaders on Sunday afternoon the Steel Workers were again put in the race. However, Brooklyn, the same club that put the Bethlehem clan back in the running took a fall out of the home crowd in the Washington's Birthday setto yesterday afternoon. That the clan gathered to represent the Bethlehem team can compare individually with any of the soccer tribes in the country is the firm belief of all who have witnessed the respective teams and have compared the individual merits of the players. Where the trouble centers, however, seems now a matter of vial importance to the success of the team in the future.

Never Lost Three In a Row
Because of the excellent record established by Bethlehem Steel teams, local enthusiasts are not accustomed to hearing reverse results, such as have been their lot this season and they have come with a disappointing shock. During the experimental stage early in the season when a number of new acquisitions were included in the lineup they were satisfied to accept setbacks. However, at this late season there seems no excuse for defeat. Losing in the second round cup competition at New Bedford, Mass., little more than a week ago, the Steel Workers dropped the two following games, making three in a row, a new record probably in losing for the Bethlehem team. The day when Bethlehem Steel was supreme is apparently past and soccer has developed in the American League to that stage where competition is more equally balanced and a game before played is anybody's victory. This condition should have a tendency to increase the popularity of soccer for it is the close competition and uncertainty of the outcome that sportsmen crave.

A Dizzy Season for Upsets
In glancing over the record of soccer in this country there are no pages in the annals of the booting game that disclose a season as dizzy as the present for upsets. Comparative scores which might have meant something a few years ago now count fo0r naught and this was particularly demonstrated in the last several weeks. Brooklyn has been an in and outer all season, getting away to a good start, slumping and then assuming another winning stride. New Bedford in downing the Brooklyn club in a cup and then league game in two consecutive weeks somewhat took the wind out of the sails of the Greater New York dribblers but the latter again came to live over the weekend and achieved their most glowing accomplishment of the season when they defeated Fall River and Bethlehem in as many days. The New York Giants, cellar club in the league, defeated Bethlehem twice, lose to apparently weaker teams and then come through with a crash by bowling over Indiana Flooring in a league game after the latter overwhelmed New Bedford, also in a loop contest, after the New England booters gave Bethlehem the toss in advancing to the semi-final of the cup competition. These were but a few of the glaring upsets that have occurred in soccer in the past recent weeks.

Upsets Seem General
That Bethlehem Steel has not alone been the victim of these upsets in soccer realms but that such conditions have been general throughout the country, is readily apparent in noting the scores of various games where teams recognized far superior than their rivals have been dropped out of the respective competition. Quite recently in the western division of the National Challenge Cup competition the most startling upset was the defeat of the famous Bricklayers' Soccer F. C. of Chicago, by the Olympia F. C. of the same city by 2 goals to 0. For the Bricklayers to be eliminated in the first round is a new experience for this club usually reaches the divisional semi-final or final round. The Olympia F. C. is a member of the major soccer league of Chicago and in comparison their victory over the Bricklayers was as brilliant in comparison as the elimination of the Bethlehem Steel team in the second round of the American Soccer League cup competition.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club