The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Monday, February 26, 1912
Association Football

Bethlehem, 5; Philadelphia, 1.

The Bethlehem team by defeating the Philadelphia Club, Saturday afternoon maintained undefeated record not having lost a game this season. The game was interesting from the spectators' point and was far better than the score indicates. The visiting team though outclassed put up a strong game and was always dangerous up to the end. The grounds were a veritable quagmire and scientific football was out of the question and when half time arrived the score was 2-1 in Bethlehem's favor. On resuming play both teams battled hard and the home defense was hard pressed on several occasions, Carpenter making some nice saves. Ten minutes from the restart, Graham the center forward received the ball and beating the backs made no mistake with his shot placing it well out of the goalkeeper's reach. This was a splendid individual effort which got the crowd off their feet. Galbraith was the star of the game scoring two goals and from one of his centers, Lewis scored, alter Graham scored again and the end came with the score Bethlehem 5, Philadelphia Club, 1. The Bethlehem team as a whole played a hard game and all the players should be given credit. Stewart played a good game at center half and Paterson kept Galbraith on the move giving him some nice passes. Lineup:

Bethlehem -- Philadelphia
Carpenter -- G -- Achroid
Bone -- RFB -- Stewart
Garney (capt.) -- LFB -- Spalding
J. Garney -- R HB -- Quinn
Stewart -- CHB --- White
Larlow -- LHB -- Mortimer
Graham -- CF -- Scott
Paterson -- IR -- McGee
Lewis -- IL -- Robinson
Leonard -- OL -- Dimpter
Galbraith -- OR -- McMichael
Goals -- Galbraith, 2, Graham 2, Lewis 1, Harvey 1. Referee H. Shackleton. Linesmen - -Hall and Nicholson. Halves, 40 minutes.

On Tuesday night a general meeting will be held in the Park Hotel, the teams will go into special training for their cup game with Camden Rovers next Saturday, it will be a long journey, but the team fully expects to win.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club