The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, February 26, 1924
Corner Kicks

Definite assurance that the Bethlehem Steel-Fall River game in the Eastern final of the National Cup competition will be staged on Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn, N. Y., will hardly be forthcoming before the middle part of this week when it can be better ascertained whether the thaw will make it possible to clear the field for the contest. The game, originally scheduled for last Sunday, was postponed because of field conditions.

Should the Eastern final again be postponed, there is a very strong likelihood that the Bethlehem Steel soccer team will be seen in action on the home field. It is understood that work will be started immediately to remove the snow and that the playing pitch will be cleared before Saturday.

If a home game is played, it is not known as yet what team will appear here. The matter was submitted to the schedule committee of the league in whose power it is to decide.

Whether the merit of the soccer clubs in the St. Louis League is superior to that in the American Soccer League, the major organizations of soccer in this country, will possibly be decided during the present season with one game, at least, listed to be played in Bethlehem.

This was gleaned at a special meeting of the American Soccer League, held in New York City, on Saturday, when discussion was entered on the appeal submitted by St. Louis that a schedule of Eastern games be arranged for an all-star team selected from that league. While the visiting aggregation will comprise the cream of talent in the West, the teams to be met in the East will remain intact with the same players who have campaigned the league season.

Details are now being completed for the invasion of the Westerners with assurances that the Bethlehem Steel soccer team, the New York F. C., and Fall River are certain to be opponents.

IT is also understood that there is a movement on foot in the American League to stir up international competition with the Canadian teams. If favorable to the Canadians, it is possible that league teams will make an invasion into the territory following the St. Louis invasion.

The loss of too many good available dates in playing inferior games could be played and the schedule kept up-to-date, was another matter of thorough discussion, by the league executives. It is understood that St. Louis has already appealed to the U. S. F. A. and that the American Soccer League will follow, asking to relieve the teams of standing in the U. S. F. A. until the third or fourth round of the competition. If this appeal is granted, many choice dates early in the season will aid materially in continuing the league play up-to-date and, at the same time, provide more interesting competition for the spectators.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club