The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, February 27, 1919
Soccer Notes

The Bethlehem Steel soccer team will finish training today for the fourth round National Cup game with the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, of Akron, O., and every player on the list will be in good shape for the game. If weather conditions are in any way favorable a good game ought to be witnessed. The Goodyear team has a great record to date, having defeated all teams of any standing in the west, and the champions will have to be in good form if they expect to be semi-finalists. One great thing in favor of Bethlehem is that they have already defeated western teams and are familiar with their style, and they also know that they will have to play every minute of the game. The personnel of the Bethlehem team will not be decided until shortly before the start.

Tommy Fleming will be in condition to resume his position at outside left on Saturday. Whitely has been a consistent performer on the left wing for years and the team does not appear to be exactly Bethlehem Steel when he is absent.

The Bethlehem defense can expect a lot of attention as the Akron team has a great goal-scoring record. Their most recent victory was six goals to one over Cleveland F. C., who were heralded in the early of the season as championship contenders.

The Bethlehem forward line would do well to pay more attention when in the penalty area than in continual maneuvering for position, as was the case last Saturday. It is the unexpected shot that often decides the cup games.

Latest reports from Akron are to the effect that the tire makers expect to return victorious and their record to date is certainly a good one but the Steel Workers are yet to be defeated on their own field, so that a victory for the visitors can only be accomplished after the most grueling contest that local fans have ever witnessed.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club